Excel developer types

A while back (in the pre-bloghistoric era) I posted an article here:


about the different types of developers I see active in the Excel world.

In summary there seem to be 3 important knowledge areas and they are fairly independent of each other:

  1. Excel product knowledge
  2. Software development knowledge
  3. business knowledge

I took the easy way and just diagrammed the first 2.

We did discuss it over on http://xldennis.wordpress.com/2006/10/

But I thought I would point it out here in case people missed that one.

Where do you see yourself? why? how did you get there, and how will you move forward?

I’d put myself as a 4 – specialist professional Excel developer. I’ve been developing in Excel since V4 in the early 90’s (lotus 123 before that), VBA since Excel 5 in 95, I got an MCP in Excel in 97 before they retired the exam. I got an MSc in Software development in the late 90’s and have delivered commercial code to fee paying clients using Excel, Access, VBA, SQL Server, VB6, C, C++, C# and others. (There is, of course, still loads I don’t know and I still learn new things everyday)

I develop using Excel not because I can’t do anything else, but because I find it so incredibly productive. Going forward I hope to develop the support/coaching side of the business and also improve my C/C++ skills. Any web work will be done in C#, but for Excel automation it will likely be VBA, VB6 or C++ for a good while. I am booked on a QA-IQ C++ course in Feb – I hope they don’t cancel this one!

What about you?



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