Just to let you know, a few peoples comments have been marked as spam, no idea why (even my own have been caught!).

I check regularly so will release them if it happens, if there are several that are pretty much the same and from the same author, I’ll just release one, unless anyone has any objections?

Sorry about this, I havent done anything clever, its all default settings, if anyone has any suggestions let me know. Otherwise if your post goes through ok, but doesn’t show up feel free to drop me an email on, I’ll logon ASAP and sort it out.

Incidentally, how do you recover a previous comment? I got halfway through writing something at DDOE at the weekend, touched the wrong part of my mousepad and navigated away, going back did not work? Is it a browser thing?



4 Responses to “comments”

  1. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    Simon – I believe it’s something related to using WordPress software. This happen on my blogpost and I still have no clu why…

    Kind regards,

  2. Will Riley Says:

    Somewhere out there is a “comment preview” plugin for WordPress. It might help.. ? The browser issue is almost always to do with browser caching settings, although i’m not techie enough to explain this in detail, sorry.

    I’ll try to email you later with the plugin info when I find it again.


  3. Will Riley Says:


    Here’s an edit comments plugin

    and here’s the preview comments plugin

    Hope these help


  4. Will Riley Says:

    Sorry… forget the comment preview plugin.

    I just ried it and it seems to render anyone else’s comments bar your own “invisible” so that’s not very helpful is it ??

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