UK Office user group

I’m off to this event in Reading at the end of April:

If anyone fancies meeting up give me a shout.

Ross is going too:

It looks like I’ll be down too late for a drink on the Thur night.



6 Responses to “UK Office user group”

  1. MikeC Says:

    I’m attending too – be good to meet you guys. As just posted on DDOE, after presenting a 3-page business case to try and get work to allow me the day (and pay the travel….) I have about a 5% chance (calculated using the formula =IF(NoCost=FALSE,”No”,(BossMood/AlignmentofStars))

    Not sure if I’ll be travelling Thursday night or Friday morning just yet – Thursday is looking more of a likely option as I’m a few hours away, and am not really enough of a morning person to get there without harming anyone who comes between me and coffee on the way…
    But if I am there on Thursday night and any other Excel geeks fancy a couple* of beers….?

    *: note. I’m Canadian. We use a different language. “couple” means “up to 10”, except when talking about beer, where it is classed as “from 1 to falling over”.

  2. Simon Says:

    I was wondering about beers, but I’m driving down from Edinburgh after work, so I think I’ll miss last orders.
    Might have to settle for a coffee(/beer?) on Friday afternnon?

  3. MikeC Says:

    I’ll likely be catching train back later, to miss the rush hour sardine experience, so will have some time to kill, and anything which means I’m not simply sitting in the train station looking like a vagrant is welcome….!

  4. Ross Says:

    I think I’ll drive down on the day, but up for [b]a[/b] drink after. I think Russell Proctor is going to, so we’ll get a few picture for the Excel geeks amongst us. Should be a good crack.

    “…station looking like a vagrant is welcome….!”

    Mike, will you look like a vagrant is the boozer then!!!! lol ;-)

  5. Simon Says:

    I’ll look out for you at the event
    unshaven, woolly hat, fingerless gloves, bottle of meths in a brown bag?
    hopefully there wont be too many that match that description!

  6. MikeC Says:

    you sure we haven’t met before Simon???? That description….. =;-)

    (Ross – I’m relying on you to get me past the “no refugees from dodgy 80’s rock bands” rule in wherever we end up, OK?)

    The way things are going, I’m not going to get to Reading until quite late Thursday, so a beverage afterwards will be the best option. Unless anyone else happens to be coming down the night before and is staying at the Crescent…?

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