Analytic Services

It looks like Oracle/Hyperion has decided on a new name for Essbase. And it is …


Last month they were busy trying to change the name from the well known Essbase to the incredibly-close-to-the-competion ‘Analytic Services’. As that is only 3 letters different from Microsofts Analysis Services, I think they have avoided a lot of confusion by going back to Essbase.



2 Responses to “Analytic Services”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Hi Simon,

    Essbase is a recognised name; changing it may cause more confusion (and damage market share) than anything else.

    While I’ve done Essbase work, it’s been a while. My OLAP work in recent years has been with MSAS. There doesn’t seem to be an overwhelming demand here. Melbourne currently has 6 Essbase roles while Sydney has about 21. And when I get the odd call from recruiters about my Hyperion experience, they don’t know the difference between Enterprise and Essbase. I assume you’re getting enough demand to justify the training?

    Cheers – Marcus

  2. Simon Says:

    I get a few calls about Essbase very now and again, but I have a couple of specific Essbase things on at the mo which makes it worthwhile.
    I’m thinking that MSAS may be a more marketable skill longer term, and I will be looking more at that for sure.
    Of course recruiters don’t know the difference! Bless ’em!

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