Hungry trainees

Just a little warning for anyone attending any QA-IQ training courses. They have quietly dropped the included midday meal, so pack a bait box. This is the first day of the new regime I think.

I’m sure there is a back covering mention somewhere, but I and most of the other delegates at QI-IQ today were taken by surprise. Its hardly the end of the world, but I would have preferred to know beforehand, not that it would have changed anything.

And yes I am doing yet more training. But this is the last course for a while.

3 Responses to “Hungry trainees”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Hi Simon

    I had to go and look up QA-IQ. What training are you doing – they don’t appear to have any Essbase courses.

    I saw this cost cutting occur some years ago. One training company with which I worked also required we count the biscuits that were allocated at morning and afternoon coffee breaks. BTW, this same company alo had a nice buffet on-site lunch povided as part of the course – some others provided a voucher for the local sandwich shop.

    Enjoy the course – cheers, Marcus

  2. ross Says:

    well that’s not very nice now is it! It brings a tear to my eye Simon to think of you going with out any bait come lunch time!

    Seriously though what training are you doing? – is it any good?

  3. Simon Says:

    I’m doing a C++ MFC course, and yes it is really good. Cleared up all sorts of things that have been bothering me for ages.

    I think only Hyperion do Essbase courses, so I did that one direct with them.

    Im all trained out now so no more training for a while (well computer training anyway).

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