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Working v performance

Thursday, 7th June, 2007

I had an interesting discussion with a fellow dev a while ago.

I said ‘our application is working, now all we need to do is sort out the performance’

He said ‘our application is not working till the performance is sorted’

I hadn’t really thought about it like that, my priority is always to understand and model the business issues, and worry about performance as part of productionisation (real word?) later. Obviously I don’t ever ignore performance, but I do prioritise understanding initially.

My view is this: ‘slow but proven correct’ can still be useful, ‘fast but wrong’ is no use. I guess either one may not be a useful building block. I also see it as a bit of risk mitigation going for the logic first.

What are your views/approaches?

I guess its maybe different depending what you are doing? (I’m doing a lot of pure performance critical stuff at the moment)



MVP in a spot of bother

Wednesday, 6th June, 2007

El Reg has an interesting piece here:

Its about a .net MVP who has created an Visual Studio add-in. (Unfortunately?) this works with all versions including the free Express editions. The Express editions aren’t meant to support add-ins, thats a key driver to encourage people to buy a higher spec version.

I havent read all the linked stuff, but I can sort of see both sides. What do you think?

I’m not a big fan of the legal stuff, it seems a bit like telling tales to teacher┬áto me. I am slightly surprised they could not sort it out amicably – you would think Microsoft and its MVPs would be on the same side after all.

Well I have read the emails now and if it were me, from what I read, I think I would have removed the support early on. Not because of any threat, but because I can see where MS are coming from. All the MS folks I have met (from the engineering side mainly) have always been easy to get along with.

Let me know what you think, but be sure to read the emails rather than just relying on the Registers take on it.



Hungry trainees

Monday, 4th June, 2007

Just a little warning for anyone attending any QA-IQ training courses. They have quietly dropped the included midday meal, so pack a bait box. This is the first day of the new regime I think.

I’m sure there is a back covering mention somewhere, but I and┬ámost of the other delegates at QI-IQ today were taken by surprise. Its hardly the end of the world, but I would have preferred to know beforehand, not that it would have changed anything.

And yes I am doing yet more training. But this is the last course for a while.

New word

Saturday, 2nd June, 2007

Word: Aspire

Meaning: No!

Usage: Thats a great feature to aspire to, but we wont be able to get it into this release.

Whats your favourite approach to managing user expectations? Obviously we would all prefer to give our customers exactly what they want, when they want it, to a quality and price we are all happy with. Meanwhile back in the real world compromises have to be made.

I currently suggest putting the non critical stuff into an imaginary ‘phase 2’. Which rarely actually happens as they usually loose interest once the biggest pain has been cured.

I’ve been hearing aspire, and aspirational a lot recently, and wonder if thats that is a better way of saying no. What do you think?