Possibly rescued machine

I have been messing with the old box that always blue screened in Windows, but seemed to run ok with Ubuntu live. First off it did eventually die running the live CD so it wasn’t just a Windows problem, in fact it wasn’t a Windows problem at all. (assuming that it keeps running whilst I type this of course).

The Ubuntu CD came with a ‘check memory’ option, now I thought PCs did this on start up anyway. But if this box was doing a memory check it wasn’t doing it very well. The Linux tests highlighted lots of memory failures. I took out all the sticks of RAM, except 1 (the biggest). And Lo, all is well. (so far).

As a matter of interest all the Windows blue screens, were ‘to protect my pc’, and reported a different failing file each time.

So sorry to Microsoft and to Windows for incorrectly pointing the finger of blame, wtf to PC boot up ‘memory checks’, and well done to Linux for having some easy to find proper memory checking utils.

I still have the broken lapper to deal with, but I was thinking I should probably do some real work at some point.



One Response to “Possibly rescued machine”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    If you mean the BIOS Power On Self-Test (POST), it’s trivial. I believe it does test RAM into which BIOS would be copied, but IIRC it only counts other installed RAM.

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