Dead machine part 2

[just a FYI – don’t let this post stop the debate on tech books]

Careless careless careless.

Why oh why didn’t I google it first?, too complacent I guess (and it was getting late).

Seems like Zone Alarm killed my machine. Thats Zone Alarm *ANTI* Virus.

They recommended I delete my video driver! thanks guys!

And I thought Symantec was bad from taking up all my system resources, I don’t remember them telling me to kill my machine.

I’m happy to accept a proportion of the blame for being so naive and dumbly doing what they advised, but it still seems a bit poor from their side.

On a lighter note one of the guys on that forum followed the ZA advice and killed his machine, realised what he did, restored it, re ran the scan, then in a ‘Homer Simpsonesque moment’ thought he was attacked by the same trojan again and obediently killed his box again!

Looks like I’m gonna be changing AV vendor sooner rather than later!

I ran Windows in Safe mode (F8 on start up), re-installed the video drivers and rebooted normally. Everything is now working fine. I’m in the process of updating my virus defs before I get caught out like the bloke above!

So from 2 broken machines, I now have 2 working ones. cewl. I havent done any fee paying work, but now I have the machines to do it on. I actually went out yesterday to buy a new machine. But luckily (as it turns out) I couldn’t bring myself to pay so much more than internet price for so much less power, just to bring it home the same day.

And yes I guess this one wasn’t really MS/Windows fault either. In fact I think the AV community has kicked up a stink because MS specifically tried to prevent this type of AV driven blunder from killing Vista.

Lessons learnt: be even more sceptical, check properly – dont delete .inf’s willy nilly or was it .oem?.

I normally refresh my defs and immediately run a scan, I’m thinking I might update, wait 24hrs, check google, then run the scan in future. Anyone think that makes sense or already doing that?



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