Anyone else following this?

Defcon is a security conference, (/hacker convention) where some of the brightest minds from both sides of the security industry get together to see whats new. (3-5,000 of them! registration is cash only, excellent).

Their wireless network is described as the most hostile environment in the world.

I’ve already started saving to go next year. Flights are 300 quid cheaper than Seattle (which have increased massively – 500 GBP in March, 800 in Sept!). I’ll take an old (ie disposable) laptop I think.

Anyway the big news this year is some reporter tried to infiltrate the conference in breach of their privacy rules. She was apparently using a hidden camera to try and get something news worthy. Anyway she got hounded out, but the general view is that is the least of her troubles. Think credit rating, identity theft etc etc. Press are allowed but have to comply with some seemingly reasonable rules, as the event attracts undercover Feds etc, as well as some bad lads.

Here is a link

Motto: be careful who you mess with!

oops looks like her LinkedIn profile went already.



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