I finally made the move to firefox from IE. Driven in part by the abilty of my favourite news site (El Reg) to regularly moff up their style sheets in such a way as to make the site often unpleasant from IE but fine from Firefox.

I didn’t really think I would be bothered either way, but I do actually prefer Firefox. Not really delved into it too far yet.

Just installed the add-blocker – chuffin’ ‘ell what a difference. Those sites that used to give me headaches are now usable. Those irritating floating obstructive ads that stop you reading the story, gone. Neat.

I’ll have to spend a bit of time and see whats hot and whats not in the world of plugins – there seems to be a pretty lively community out there.
What are you using? and why?



7 Responses to “Firefox”

  1. gobansaor Says:

    In order of greatest use ….

    Google Browser Sync – keeps a backup of my Bookmarks, remembers what tabs I had open last time and restores them if required, means I can easily flick between my laptop and my main development pc. add-in – tag and search (via Search Engine , top right hand corner) using my account.

    S3Fox – for managing my backups and large file storage on my Amazon S3 account.

    FDM plugin for downloading using Free Download Manager

    Google Toolbar – for searching blogs, quick link to Gmail, spell checker, page rank checker.

    British English Dictionary – to use built-in firefox spell checker (using this now rather than Google Toolbar’s spell checker).

    PDF Download – gives me control over how I access PDF links.

    NoScript – allows me to control what JS/Java/Flash scripts run , also provides excellent XSS protection. Can be annoying sometimes, but I stick with it. Use this, Firefox and Gmail/Thunderbird as your email client plus a firewall and I reckon that’s all the web protection you need.

    EC2 UI – for controlling my Amazon EC2 images.

    I also have several others such as Firebug (understand/debug the structure of a web page) and iMacros (see
    which I enable from time to time.


  2. Marcus Says:

    Hi Simon,

    I’ve been using Firefox for some time now on the home computer.

    Besides the obvious tabs I also like the option “Open All in Tab” which makes it convenient to group together sites I frequently regularly. I’ve got one group called ‘Morning’ which has some newspapers, dilbert and Smurf which I can open in one click.

    P.S. How’s the add-in progressing?

    Cheers – Marcus

  3. Ken Puls Says:

    My favourites pieces of Firefox are the LittleFox theme, which makes the toolbar buttons as small as possible, and the IETab add-on.

    IETab is one you should get, as it let’s you use IE via it’s ActiveX control in Firefox. By just clicking the Firefox logo, you can switch the rendering from Firefox to IE, and you can see how it displays in the other browser. You can even set certain domains to always display in the IE version if you want. (* would be a good one!)

    I rarely even open IE at work any more, as I can now even install Windows Updates in the same browser. ;)

  4. Simon Says:

    Tom, great thanks I’ll look into them.
    Marcus, not seen that option, but I have it set to open my usual 4 tabs on open which is neat. The add-in is doing well – I just moved it from VBA to VB6 + .xlt, had a few UI adventures, but pretty smooth overall. Hows yours?
    Ken, I’ll check out the IETab, I found a few key MS places where ff didn’t work. I’m off now to sort out the little fox theme sounds ideal.

  5. Dick Kusleika Says:

    PDF Download so PDFs open in Foxit Reader and not in the browser


    ColorZilla puts an eyedropper in the bottom left corner of the window. I can use it to, for instance, see that your hyperlink color is R17,G68,B255 (#114477) – to create bookmarks of the current page with a shortcut

    DOM Inspector – I’m not sure why I have this.

    IE Tab – to see sites that don’t work in FF

    Web Developer – let’s me do things like examine the table or div structure of my site.

  6. Harlan Grove Says:

    DOM Inspector is a standard part of the install, kinda like Dr Watson with Office. Maybe there’s a custom install setting that would prevent it from being installed.

    What I like most is the Find toolbar for finding text in web pages rather than having to use a @#$% dialog. Did this change with IE7? I’ve never used it.

  7. Dick Kusleika Says:

    Thanks Harlan, I couldn’t imagine why I had that.

    I use the find-as-you-type option. Tools > Options > Advanced> General. It’s that one feature that I like so much I would never to switch to a browser that doesn’t have it. I almost never mouse click on hyperlinks anymore. I just start typing the hyperlink text and hit Enter.

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