Anyone got one of these?

Lotus Excel

Its a Lotus Excel (what irony!). Lotus was/is a UK sports car company, they make fast road going go-karts (Elise) which ping nicker elastic at 50 paces I am informed.

I saw this at Eusprig this year and took a photo, thinking how clever I was. I showed my mate Julian only to find he had seen it first, had loads of photos, and not only that – he’d knocked on the door and spoken to the owner about it. I think the cheeky bollix also had a sit in it?




3 Responses to “Anyone got one of these?”

  1. Ross Says:

  2. Marcus Says:


    The closest equivilent in my price bracket is this:

    Cheers – Marcus

  3. Simon Says:

    Marcus – looks about as fast as the Lotus version.
    I think it was called a Pony in the uk.
    Pony = pony and trap = crap in cockney rhyming slang, Pony also means 25 quid.

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