Innova Business Solutions Limited

Innova Business Solutions Limited (Co reg no: SC326142) is a recently formed company that shares many similarities to the recently departed Synergi Global Solutions Ltd that went titsup owing several hundred thousand pounds to trade creditors.

Both for example, are/were recruitment consultancies, both place(d) temporary staff, both operate(d) in Edinburgh. (past tense for Synergi as its now in liquidation)

Many of the Synergi creditors are small one man bands or small family businesses. Many are owed 10’s of thousands of pounds. Initial indications are they will get nothing at all. These include Codematic, hence the post.

If you are a contractor considering working with Innova, then you may want to consider the implications of never getting paid for the work that you do, and for the costs you incurr.

If you are a company considering using Innova Business Solutions to provide you with temporary staff or contractors you might like to consider the impact of these staff not being paid on time. Or possibly not being paid at all.

Some Synergi contractors walked out with no notice having not been paid for several months. Others spent much of the working day chasing outstanding invoices and worrying about not getting paid. Some clients ended up paying twice – once to the liquidator, and again directly to the contractor to keep them on-site. Overall the effect was not beneficial for those Synergi clients.

More about those similarities:

Here is a list of Synergi Global Solutions directors from Companies House as they went into liquidation (12 July 07):

  • Stephen Roberts
  • Alan Martin
  • Stuart Campbell

Here is a list of Innova Business Solutions directors from Companies House one week after the start of the Synergi liquidation (19 July 07):

  • Stephen Roberts
  • Alan Martin
  • Stuart Campbell

See any similarities?

Watch out its a jungle out there!



32 Responses to “Innova Business Solutions Limited”

  1. Brian Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, these Innova guys have been pestering us for weeks. I’ll warn our HR dept.

  2. noname Says:

    Innova seem to be advertising on

    – anonymous post. sorry. I know these dodgy *&*&”! and don’t want ot be involved again.

  3. SNOWBALL Says:

    It does look as through they are picking up some speed as Innova, with 10 middle to high fee earning posts advertised on S1jobs today. Possibly these are uneducated clients that have been carried over from synergi days. Hopefully they are not able to charm there way into too many doors as Innova!!! and hopefully this snowball will melt as before it picks up too much bulk!!!

  4. LINKS Says:

    If you want to see the links..Please see both..


  5. Joe Says:

    I believe there are no more sailors on this sinking ship…. just 2 of the Captains, who are basically operating as a recruitment organisation operating out of a bedroom in Ayrshire. It would be interesting to hear Oracles viewpoint on their ‘Partner’ status and review their Agile Engagement methods…. steer well clear.

  6. ANON Says:

    Innova now trading as Cornerstone Resources Ltd
    Telephone: 0845 888 2020


    Stuart Campbell – Tel: 0141 314 3684
    Optimum IT
    69 Buchanan Street
    G1 3HL

    Courtesy of Companies House and S1Jobs

    Its a minefield out there!

  7. ANON Says:

    I note the current phone number for Cornerstone is the same as Innova, I fear another firesale is pending……

  8. Simon Says:

    What? Innova hasn’t lasted a year and they are rolling a new one?
    must be getting greedy/impatient wanting to fleece everyone so soon.

    Well done ANON keep us posted on Co house updates. btw I’ve never heard from the liquidators has anyone else??

  9. Martin Says:

    I was working through Innova last year and I still have some outstanding payments.
    Thanks guys for the Information.
    My fear is that it looks like my outstanding payments has gone into the Managers pockets.
    But if we as an individual dont pay £100 bill than court will be after us in 3 months time….can’t I take any actions against them to get my money out.



  10. Simon Says:

    the liquidators wrote last week to say the cupboard is bare – we’ll get nowt.

  11. Martin Says:

    That’s a great news, Thank you Simon for such a lovely Information. I better chase my Umbrella company. Keep me updated and I’ll do the same if I get any updates.

  12. ANON Says:

    There may well be nowt tin the cupboard….
    Lets make sure these guys have nowt in theirs……. Speak to the DTI or EAS:
    “If you think your agency has broken any of the rules, contact the Employment Agency Standards helpline on 0845 955 5105 (9.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday). The EAS Inspectorate investigates every complaint it receives.”

    This may be to late for Synergi / Innova……

    Its not too late to sort Cornerstone & Optimum IT! An external audit will sort these guys out. I know these guys were notorious for not following procedure, I reckon they don’t keep copies of Eligibility to Work in the UK and also reckon their Registration paperwork is nil. This would see them fined heftily for each demeanor.
    Over to you…..

  13. Charles Says:

    Yes Ive been chasing Synergi/Innova /and now Cornerstone for money owed. I have noticed quite a few irregularites and have called in the police . If anyone has any info that they think will be pertinent then please speak up.
    its time their antics were put a stop to……….

  14. Martin Says:

    Hi Charles,

    You’ve got all of my support. I haven’t been payed for 2 weeks in the october ’07 by Innova.
    Let me know if I can be of any help.



  15. Osama Says:

    They put me up in B&B while I worked for them client and didn’t pay the landlord. I then had pay myself which they said they would re-imburse but never did. I also not been paid and need to go home now but I cannot afford this.

  16. Anon2 Says:

    I recognise a couple of posters on here as ex-employees I dealt with. It’s amazing what people with a grudge who were allegedly sacked for incompetence can rustle up with a little spare time. Whilst it’s a jungle out there – it also appears to a jungle online!!

  17. Simon Says:

    To whom do you refer?
    What makes you say its a jungle on-line? is something here not true?
    How much money did you lose when they went titsup?

  18. Anon2 Says:

    Hi Simon

    I had finsihed up before they first hit problems. I had however worked on several different sites through Synergi and knew the people involved quite well. I never had any problems.

    From chat with some of the people closer to them I believe problems initially surfaced when trying to branch into IT consultancy. They were paying a bunch of money to a couple of guys to build the “consulting” side of things. I hear these guys made a shambles of it and were allowed “to move on” having lost a considerable chunk of money. There was also a rumour of one of the directors being sacked. Again on 3rd hand knowledge he was apparently regarded as very lazy and was adding no value to the business. It seems the liquidators then provided pretty poor advice leading to the problems of company 2 starting off with too much debt.

    Anyway I’m sorry to hear you’ve had troubles and lost money, I was only on searching for the website the other day to try and get in touch with the person i used to deal with there. I’d just be careful who you listen to on here. Good luck with the next contract – hope it turns out much better.

  19. Simon Says:

    Thanks for the different perspective Anon2.
    Of course the only proven incompetence (at best) is that of the directors of Synergi and a string of other failed companies. Their incompetence is a matter of public record at Companies House.
    The thing with debt is: its money owed to real people, how they can start off with too much I don’t know – maybe they shouldn’t start till they have sold their homes and flash cars to pay off their debts?

    I had nothing but problems with them, getting paid was a regular battle

  20. charles Says:

    Anon 2 does have a differently informed perspective.
    To the small business creditors it does not matter if they were incompetent or just plain crooked.
    What concerns me is that of all the regulatory agencies : The Police , Companies House and the insolvency practioners there appears to be no effort to investigate and prosecute any illegalities. One wonders is it that it is good business having such companies? .ie repeat business ,year on year.
    You can rob a bank of a couple of thousand pounds and you will probably go to prison But….
    So whether they are fit and proper persons to be company directors is never investigated.

  21. Simon Says:

    The liquidators specifically stated there would be no come back. Because there was not enough public interest.
    When that Christmas hamper company went bust and thousands of people were affected – then the directors run a risk of prosecution.
    Making off with a few hundred grand from a bunch of small business doesn’t have the same headline grabbing power.
    I am not sure when we moved to this type of ‘Justice’ system.

  22. Links Says:

    Synergi Global Solutions

    Liquidated and reinvented as

    Innova Business Solutions

    and now operating as

    Cornerstone Resources Ltd

    Contact Address
    Woodside House
    20 – 23 Woodside Place

    0845 888 2020

  23. Anonanonanon...again Says:

    Anon2 I have to agree with Simon. If you check Companies house it quite clearly states the names of the incompetants. All of whom have been mentioned on here a number of times. I cannot understand how the these people saw fit to completely disregard the welfares of their employees, clients and contractors, not once….but twice?! I’m not sure you can justify that.

    I met the chap they brought in as FD who quite honestly didn’t seem to know his own remit! It was only a matter of time really

  24. Martin Says:

    So has any one got any money recovered at all in last year.

  25. anon Says:

    Steven Roberts and Alan Martin are currently renting space and working within the factory of Nichol McKay Ltd beside Prestwick Airport should anyone want to pay them a visit…(correct as of 14/08/09)

    (Nichol McKay have no connection with them, they are just renting out some space for them to work on their next project)

  26. Charles Says:

    To cap it all Roberts went on holiday to Kenya and raised money for charity in 2010 all £5000 .Read his blog its sickening. AND he wasnt even sent to prison just 4yrs that he cant be a director.

    So I wonder what schemes he’s thinking up now?

  27. Tony Says:

  28. Simon Says:

    Ha ha, thanks Tony.

    Glad to see them caught, shame its not a prison term, but a decent fine will hit them where it hurts. They will no doubt just scam it out of someone else in the near future, but at least their card is marked now.
    Synergi went down with a 400k hole of which 160k was PAYE ie 240 to small cos. within a year (!) innova went down 220 PAYE, does that mean 400k small cos? and Cornerstone 120k PAYE, so what, 2-300k to small cos? these guy must have had over 1 million quid they didnt deserve over a few short years.

    So the 90k fine is under 10%, not too onerous…

    I hope they have been disbarred from their professional bodies too.

  29. Trish Davies Says:

    If you want to knock on doors SR’s home address seems to be

    [edited out by nice request]
    [edited out by nice request]

  30. Simon Says:

    I was asked (nicely) to remove the address by a very upset person. So I have.

    They were concerned for the impact on innocent bystanders (wife & kids). for that reason I have removed the address. Its a shame these scumbags weren’t thinking of our kids whilst they were stealing our kids food/clothes/christmas present money.

    Co house still has the addy of course, as I am sure do many other places, like the huge list of creditors for example.

    I guess the point is if you are going to be a master criminal, its probably best to avoid dumping on people that are harder or smarter than you.

    which with these clowns, probably doesn’t leave many viable targets.

    btw NIGHTINGALE INTENSIV LIMITED looks to be on its way out according to co house. If I was a creditor I would be stepping up my debt collecting efforts and preparing to take a bath on any outstanding debts.

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