Excel 2007 XLL SDK released

Yahoo! Its here at last.

Whilst the Excel 2007 software development kit (SDK) has been sort of available for a while, the real live version has just been released officially. Well, Danny Khen announced it on microsoft.public.excel.sdk anyway.

Get it here:


Read about it here:


Read about it here? (soon?):


It contains updated versions of all the usual stuff including VS2005 projects – neat. I think the last one was VS6, or possibly VS5?

I havent looked at it yet, I literally downloaded it 5 mins ago, but rushed here to tell you first. Hows that for selflessness?

As with most SDKs it will give you a sore head if you are not happy with C. But this would be a good time to pick up some C. (May be a few blog posts in that?). A decent handle on XLM helps too, so there may be the odd post in that too.

The biggest thing for me is long string support, finally we can get past the 255 character limit. Second biggest thing is multithreaded calculation.

I’ll report more when I get chance to look at it properly (think weeks not hours!).

I don’t know if the SDK will work with the Express editions of VS, but I suspect it will. You may well need to download the Windows SDK to enable you to create win32 dlls and exes though.

What is in the XLL SDK?

A bunch of C/C++ resources that you can/must include in your own XLL projects. A couple of example VS projects, and a load of documentation.




7 Responses to “Excel 2007 XLL SDK released”

  1. Marcus Says:

    “I haven’t looked at it yet, I literally downloaded it 5 mins ago, but rushed here to tell you first. Hows that for selflessness?”

    More like a kid in a lolly (candy) shop
    P.S. I understand completely ;~)

    As a matter of interest, how much call do you get for XLL work? The last I witnessed actively development was a couple of quants in an investment bank about six years ago. I’ve seen a couple of XLL based add-ins (the GUI’s tend to suck) but in all Australia there was only one role asking for XLL development experience. And JobServe tells me there’s only one in London.

    Cheers – Marcus

  2. Ross Says:

    It will be interesting to see the effect muilt-thread has on speed performance, I was also thinking if it could be used to does some sort of perverse meta-heuristics work, although I was not thinking about it for that long!

  3. Simon Says:

    Marcus I’ll post later about my big software day yesterday.
    XLL work: its niche for sure but there aren’t many independents offering it. I have had few sniffs, but nothing I could retire on.
    Its fairly popular in the city, but as you say its the quants really. The SDK newsgroup is quiet, a few posts per week, compared to 100’s per day for VBA/worksheet functions.
    Ross I’m waiting to see the effect of SP1 on speed.

  4. bervukas Says:

    Hi Simon,

    I know it’s 2016, but would you by any chance still have any of the Excel SDK downloads? On Microsoft.com all the links for Excel SDK 2007-2013 are dead, and I’m in a bit of a time crunch. :/


  5. Simon Says:

    Does this not work for you?
    I just got an MSI from there, I can’t find any that I had, they are probably on an old retired machine somewhere

  6. Simon Says:

    No problem Bernard, glad you are sorted.

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