Anyone else got one of these?

excel mug

Its the free mug we got at the first ever Excel User Conference in Forth Worth in 2005. cewl. I’ve got the matching teeshirt too.

The kids have broken most of the other crockery but so far this has survived.

btw I think the UK conf will now be mid Nov in Kensington.

I’ll be doing sessions on:

  • Understanding spreadsheets written by others (intermediate)
  • VBA design (advanced)
  • Migrating from spreadsheets (advanced – 4 hour tutorial session)
  • Talking drunken nonsense in the pub (all welcome)

I’ve started saving already so I can afford a drink in South Ken! (ok yah?). Anyone else going?




7 Responses to “Anyone else got one of these?”

  1. MikeC Says:

    Hi Simon – don’t suppose you have any idea about prices/dates as yet (nothing on the site atm)?

    I’ll need at least 2 months to work on being allowed out of my cage…


  2. Simon Says:

    Mke – no confirmed date/location as yet.
    I think the hotels are dicking Damon around, promising the world, agreeing to everything. Like agreeing to hire 2 rooms, when they only have one!

  3. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    Last year I planned to attend the UK conference but in the end I couldn’t made it. This year I sent the family on a longer vacation so now I don’t have the money for it…

    For me it’s not the content of the classes/sessions that primarily is of interest (sorry Simon et al) but to meet all the UK-people (in the pub) I’ve come to virtual know for the last years (including You Simon).

    Good luck with it (including Your “talkshows” in the pub),

  4. MacroMan Says:

    Luv the coaster, haha. Have a question actually. I just started playing with the CommandBars object, good stuff. Can you still do this in Excel 07? I remember reading something about the ribbon not available to VBA?

  5. Jon Peltier Says:

    Hi Simon –

    I have one of those mugs. It’s on my desk, full of pens, and I believe it’s on the same style of coaster. It came from the Fort Worth conference. I’d arrived late, having missed a connecting flight in Houston, and spending the night in that airport.

    I’ve been to two more, the 06 and 07 Atlantic City conferences, and plan to attend the October conference in St Louis. I’ll be giving two classes, one on advanced charting, the other on charting with VBA. I’m doing a couple of the shorter sessions as well, pivot tables and the like.

  6. Charles Davies Says:

    Hi Simon, I’m definitely up for a few beers in South Kensington, I’ll keep an eye on the euc website for the dates. Long time no see!!! cheers charles

  7. Marcus Says:

    I may not be able to make the day sessions (depends on work situation), but I’m up for a pint or two.

    Let me know where you’re meeting on Friday night.

    Cheers – Marcus

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