XLAnalyst.co.uk is down

Just in case anyone is looking for it.

I’ve been messing with my hosting recently and blundered here. XLAnalyst.co.uk and .net are pointing to an empty site (probably!! thats how bad things have become!).

Don’t hold you breath for it to be fixed:

  1. I don’t appear to have a copy of the site locally (probably on an old broken machine)
  2. I’m away in Seattle till Thursday.
  3. Its written in asp and the new hosting is Linux.

I’ll get a copy of the add-in on the codematic site ASAP. here it is



ps this is part of a ‘big update’ more info to follow, but basically, I’ve pulled my finger out (sort of) and started implementing some of the spreadsheet quality initiatives we discussed months and months ago. Think forum, content management, shared blog etc etc.


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