Office 2003 serivce pack 3 released

Title says it all really. A new service pack has just been released in the last couple of days for 2003 (around 20th sept?)

I can’t remember the precise details but I think its about 80%(?) security fixes. Some of these may well be related to zero day exploits and/or unadvertised holes. So if you dont want to get pwned you should get this installed.

more details here

I dont actually run 2003 on any machine I put on the web, but I guess I still need to install this to check my stuff will work with client machines that have it installed. And for protection for all the stuff I install to evaluate. This may be one to test in a virtual machine first though looking at the details.

I’m guessing, but I assume much of this stuff will be in the 2007 SP1 that was out in early beta a few weeks ago.

Let us know if you install it and it breaks something you needed.



7 Responses to “Office 2003 serivce pack 3 released”

  1. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    No worries Simon!

    The installation didn’t break anything and I’ve been running Excel SP-3 for some days now without any issues (English / Swedish).

    Kind regards,

  2. Simon Herbert Says:

    Have been running since day of release, no issues found…

    35 changes that affect Excel, no new functionality through – just security and bug fixes.

  3. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    Hm, when WOW suggest that we should not install the SP-3 then it’s worth listening to them:

    I will watch what their next comment on the SP-3 will be,

    Kind regards,

  4. Simon Says:

    Thanks for the link Dennis, I think I’ll hang fire for now – I suspect I may be using some features that will get locked out.

  5. Rob Bruce Says:

    Edited info from MS:

    * Office 2003 can no longer open or save certain file formats. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 938810. [Includes Lotus 123, slk and dif formats, all of which are still widely used – my comment]
    * Office 2003 can now be configured to allow or deny specific COM components. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 938815. [Potential for more battles with corporate IT departments ahead – my comment]
    * Some COM components with unusual characteristics may not function as expected. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 938814.
    * Documents saved in certain formats no longer contain the version number of Office. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 938807.
    * Certain macros in older Excel file formats have increased security. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 938806. [could kill your continued enthusiasm for XLM Simon. – my comment]


  6. Simon Says:

    Rob thanks for the info and comments, yes this could cause some new tensions (/business!)
    the XLM thing is 5/95 format files specific for reason [phased extermination of XLM?] although the KB talks about VBA so not sure.
    The COM characteristics one – I think a standard VB add-in will be fine, it looks more like a C/C++ issue if you are doing some interface magic (possibly version redirects?)
    The allow/deny COM one could well cause some excitement. detail here
    specific post to follow

  7. Jon Peltier Says:

    “Hm, when WOW suggest that …”

    Is WOW still relevant?

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