Seattle Sept 07

I’ve just about recovered from the journey home from Seattle. Which is not far off 24 hours door to door.

I think pretty much all content is covered by NDA, and even some of the pub chat is probably NDA type stuff. I’d certainly like to suggest some of Dicks jokes as suitable for NDA! Luckily I’ve already forgotten most of them, so I’m unlikely to get myself into trouble.

I guess the big question for me is do I stick with my current market of laggards using 2k to 2k3, or do I move to 2k7 and move to the early adopter segment. Having seen some of what may be coming up in Office 14 I have to say that moving to these early adopters is looking more and more attractive. I’ll give this some more thought over the next wee while.

I don’t spose there is a big rush to decide with 2007 just out the door.



9 Responses to “Seattle Sept 07”

  1. Roger Says:

    I know that you can’t tell anyone due to the NDA, but just between me and you, you can tell me everything and I promise not to tell anyone else. OK?

  2. Simon Says:

    I know its a bit rubbish, I’m also not sure about whether giving an opinion would be a breach, so as I am keen to stay involved and not get sued best not to say anything. In fact I nearly didn’t post at all as there is so little to say.
    On the other side of things, what happens in the pub stays in the pub, so there is nothing to report from there either.

  3. Nick Hebb Says:

    What’s the attraction for early adopters? I know it’s fun to play with new stuff, but there has to be some pretty good incentives to limit yourself to a fraction of the market. Does Microsoft offer special marketing programs to assist early adopters?

  4. Simon Says:

    Good question, and one I have just been discussing with the Codematic management team (Mrs Smurf (who did a great job pretending to care!)).
    There may be special programs, but I expect they are out of reach of small orgs. But a new release creates a real buzz, and Office based traffic rises significantly, so there is a chance to ride the wave.
    You are right its a small fraction of the market, I just wonder if they are more likely to shell out for other new products or add ons. I suspect you would need to support 2 versions for it to be viable. (but think of the pain saved in testing).
    I’m not convinced either way, I’m just weighing things up.
    Could you afford to ignore 2k and 2k2 for Breezetree? Or would it come across as too arrogant?
    Do you think your sales by version are inconsistent with the Excel by version market?

  5. Jon Peltier Says:

    At this stage, it’s not even about being an “early adopter”. Judging from the forum questions (and problems), it’s more like being a “sole adopter”.

    The emphasis on Excel 14 should be to take the things in 2007 that don’t work right (i.e., consistent with previous versions), and fix them, and take the newly imposed inefficiencies in the UI, and correct them.

  6. Nick Hebb Says:

    I break my market into two general classes: corporate and small business.

    Corporate lags the times. 2k2 and 2k3 are still very prevalent, with enough still in the 2k range that I can’t ignore it. (Besides, for my product there is little difference other than the toolbar loading.)

    By “small business” I typically mean mom and pop businesses and one-man consultancies. They are more cutting edge only because they buy new PC’s from the local computer shop, using whatever version comes pre-loaded.

    I will say one thing about being in Microsoft’s graces. I have my product listed on their Office Marketplace and answered a popup survey once. As a reward I got one week in their featured items box. Traffic was phenomenal. So getting promoted by Microsoft might make being an early adopter worth it.

  7. Biggus Dickus Says:

    “I’d certainly like to suggest some of Dicks jokes as suitable for NDA!”

    I’ve got more where those came from ………..

    “or do I move to 2k7 and move to the early adopter segment.”

    the problem is finding them I find ….. unless your regional MS people can point you to them.

    “Having seen some of what may be coming up in Office 14 I have to say that moving to these early adopters is looking more and more attractive.”

    Agreed frankly – but we can’t say why ;-) – just trust us …


  8. Simon Says:

    Nick thanks for the insight, v useful.
    Dick i did wonder about contacting MS UK, maybe I should.

  9. Biggus Dickus Says:

    I would start with the Business Productivity Analysts (BPA’s) if they exist in the UK.

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