Hurdles and floodgates

I’ve been avoiding installing .net framework 2 for ages just in case it interferes with client apps I support. But a couple of weeks ago I took the plunge on a spare machine so I could try out Resolver. Now I am over that installation hurdle (nothing obvious broken yet) its really opened the floodgates to try other things that are dependent on it.

Now that I have framework 2.0 installed

  1. there is a newer version of the framework available
  2. there is a ton of dependent software I want to look at.

Here are a couple of high priority things I want to look at:

  • excelDNA – an xll framework to allow writing performant worksheet functions in C#.
  • Palo OLAP – a pretty straightforward looking OLAP server. I’ve just watched the vids I can see plenty of uses of this

There were some other things but I seem to have forgotten for now, I’ll have to trip over them again. (Probably around server/shared spreadsheets).

I also need to post about Resolver as that is an interesting product.

Am I the last to update to framework 2.0?



5 Responses to “Hurdles and floodgates”

  1. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    >>Am I the last to update to framework 2.0?


    (Version 3.0 was shipped with Vista and beta of version 3.5 is shipped with VS 2008.)

    Perhaps You would like to test my free coming managed Add-in .NET Co Library?

    Kind .NET Framework’s regards from,

  2. Ross Says:

    Simon, thats the advantage of writing a function in C# using DNA vs say just compilinging a com visiable dll from VS and accessing it via a Del or Ref?
    I cant see any mention of isolation eirther?

  3. Simon Says:

    I’ll tell you more in a few weeks when I’ve had chance to play. But the biggie is the performance of the C API v perf of COM interface (think 10x faster roughly)
    Dennis, yes I’d love to test your Co library add-in. And I don’t think I’m the last in the world? (and 3.0 is only 2.0 + wpf +some other thing right?)

  4. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    Yes, it’s true that the differences between 2.0 and 3.0 are very small. OK, I’ll send You a copy of the upcoming release candidate.

    Kind regards,

  5. Michael Foord Says:

    Hey, Jon Udell has published a blog entry and screencast on Resolver that you might find interesting.

    He approaches from the viewpoint of a programmer, but you should still find it interesting:


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