Excel 2007 rubbish

A couple of people using that search term landed here over the past few days. What could it mean?

Excel 2007 is rubbish?

Excel 2007 calculation/presentation logic is a little bit rubbishy in certain ranges?

Analysing rubbish with Excel 2007?

Producing rubbish with Excel 2007?

Analysing your 2007 rubbish with Excel?

I remember years ago when the UK government introduced a landfill tax. I did some spreadsheets to analyse the cost impact on a clients business. Maybe thats what these folks are looking for? Maybe there is a new stealth tax coming?

Any other ideas?



One Response to “Excel 2007 rubbish”

  1. Ross Says:

    I think they are looking for what rubbish people have writen about Excel 2007! – not sure why they ended up here ;-)

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