Excel calc bug effect

Here is the impact of the Excel 2007 calculation bug on sos visitor numbers:

xlbug sos effect

So some people found it not totally boring anyway.

Pre all the excitement it was running at around 300 per weekday (100 at weekends). It peaked around 900, then dropped to 700 and then 500. I’m interested to see what happens next week – hopefully some of the recent visitors will hang around and join in.

The most popular post was the one with the test code. I posted a few links to this around the place. Still waiting to hear if anyone found a live example of the fault. (No, would be my guess at this stage).



2 Responses to “Excel calc bug effect”

  1. Jon Peltier Says:

    Does this measure actual visits to your site, or also views of your pages in RSS readers? If I don’t comment on an RSS-fed article, I don’t have to visit your site.

  2. Simon Says:

    Jon its just visitors, they tried checking feeds but I think they gave up because they couldn’t get it to work reliably/accurately.

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