Office Live in beta

I think this means that Office live is about to go into beta. Or if it was already in some sort of beta its now in a different beta phase. I struggle to understand the marketing speak between pre beta, beta, live, available, introduced, released etc.

Office live allows people with Office on their desktop to share their office docs with others with a client install. Kind of like Google docs and spreadsheets except with a significant client install pre-requisite.

El Reg has an interesting take on it – the comments especially are enlightening.

I have been meaning to test some of this server/sharing stuff like Expresso for ages, but I guess just now I’m a bit more focused on the client only. I think all these sharing and server based approaches are a great idea, but there is a lot of cultural inertia around the current desktop+email approach. That will change over time for sure, but I suspect it will be an uphill battle for a while.

Anyone here already actively using these sharing or server based services for important spreadsheets?




2 Responses to “Office Live in beta”

  1. Ross Says:

    I thought this was on the money:

    >>All Microsoft have done is give you some “free” disk space that you can point Office applications at. I think the point is though you just can’t offer anything as complex as a Office suite online unless it’s so basic it’s almost useless.

    and this was quite funny:

    Is this a beta release of an april fools joke for next year?

  2. Simon Says:

    They are the comments I was on about.
    The beta joke release had me in stitches.

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