Office market share

I read what I consider a rather surprising number here recently:

The Mac version of MS Office (the next version of which is running late) makes up 20% of MS Office sales.

I understood the desktop computer market to be about:

  • Windows ~90%
  • Mac ~5%
  • Others ~5%

Some actual (very interesting) info here.

Based on these figures the 20% seems massively disproportionate. I wonder if this is only retail sales and excludes volume licensing, which is how most enterprises get their Office? Anyone know more? I think that must be the case, re-reading the article it is retail only. The original reference did not make that clear.

I wonder if VBA being dropped from Mac Office 2008 will hurt sales?

I didn’t see any stats for the Linux contribution to MS Office? I’m guessing that MS could leverage their Mac work to develop a Linux version of MS Office. But I really really can’t ever see that happening – can you?




One Response to “Office market share”

  1. Benjamin Says:

    From what I hear on college campuses and by observing the download numbers, NeoOffice ( is starting to get a lot of traction on OS X. It seems there are several million current users, and out of the 25 million OS X users out there, that’s a big percentage.

    I don’t think Apple pushes MS Office via its online store, so unlike Windows boxes where pre-installed OEM copies of MSO are heavily promoted, most of the sales come separately (or in a separate box, anyway, at the Apple retail stores).

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