OpenOffice Google uploader

I just downloaded 2.3, I was already using 2.2 so this is hardly a wrench. Of course I checked it calculated 850*77.1 correctly as many have pointed out on the Excel team blog recently.

The big reason I downloaded it though is to try the google docs uploader. Here it is in action:

Open office google uploader

Dead easy, no fuss, no muss (once you have remembered your Google sign in of course!). This gets it to your Google docs home page thingy, and from there you can choose to open it and edit it on-line, or share it with some contacts or publish it for the world to see. The add-in integrates simply, it just adds a button on the toolbar that is always accessible – try that in Excel 2k7. And of course you can drag it off to float if that suits your need – try that in Excel 2k7. Oh it adds an menu item too – try that…

So now using the OO/google stack you can have rich client editing, weaker on-line editing and all that sharing goodness. I think this I what MS are about to beta, except the MS version mandates Office 2007 on the client for any editing.

What would be nice is to be able to just sync certain ranges, preferably both ways. I’m sure that will come. I have a feeling there is something like that for Excel already.

Of course the dream is have VBA working through this cycle too. Or maybe uploading input ranges, getting Google to calc it and downloading output ranges.

All this is very nice but I’ll still mainly be sharing my spreadsheets via email, at least for the time being. What about you? Anyone actively using these sharing/collaboration services commercially?

Here is the simple test spreadsheet I published FWIW! (no idea if anyone has edit rights? let me know if you can edit it)

(well maybe I’ll know if the next time I click the link its been sabotaged!)




6 Responses to “OpenOffice Google uploader”

  1. Steve Hansen Says:

    Hey Simon,

    Funny you mention this – for shits and giggles I started developing a Google Spreadsheet/Excel mashup that does this same sort of thing. Look for it soon on my new VSTO tips blog.

    Perhaps we could collaborate on a more generic version a little bit? I’m using the Google .NET API for my research right now, but it would definately be cool to do a more generic VBA version though (just a little more work initially). Also – I’ve also thought about some sort of UDF that knows how to retrieve data from the Google spreadsheet into Excel.


  2. Simon Says:

    Sign me up Steve – sounds v interesting. I wanted to do this but didn’t fancy it all on my own, I’m well up for joining forces.
    cheers Simon

  3. Biggus Dickus Says:

    “We’re sorry, dick@—— does not have permission to access this spreadsheet.

    You are signed in as dick@——, but that email address doesn’t have permission to access this spreadsheet. (Sign in as a different user)

    Find out more at the Google Docs Help Center.

    Won’t let me access it for editing…… hmmmm

  4. Simon Says:

    Dick are you signed into your google account?
    email me your gmail stuff and I’ll share the doc with you.
    Does this mean no-one can grab published spreadsheets and adapt them?
    btw I edited your addy Dick – save your anti spam some work.

  5. Biggus Dickus Says:

    “btw I edited your addy Dick – save your anti spam some work.”

    I wondered about that after I sent it… so far I’m lucky on the SPAM front so I appreciate your concern for my safety my friend.


  6. Google Docs & Microsoft Excel working in harmony Says:

    […] Simon and I have been having some similar thoughts regarding hooking Google Docs up to a client side app. While he has been looking at an OpenOffice/Google Docs combo, I’ve been thinking about a Microsoft Excel/Google Docs combo.  […]

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