Developer jump start kit

Its an old one but a gold one. The old DJS from Baarns. This is a bunch of useful bits and bobs to get you up and moving quickly with your VBA based systems.

As you look around various Excel utilities available from all corners of t’interweb you’ll often find descendants of this code.

Here is the link it says 97 but it works fine in 2003, and probably 2007 (apart from UI of course).

The idea is that you take their workbooks and code, make various simple setting changes and add your code and worksheets and you get a reliable .xla quickly. Much quicker than writing all your own code by hand for things like menus, scrollbars etc etc.

The link has more info but in summary the kit provides code for creating menus, including pop-ups, managing workbooks, dealing with the registry, and managing the workspace (great if you are a fan of dictator add-ins).

Even if you have no use for the features its worth looking at as an example of VBA coding.

And in terms of that compatibility, on the one hand its great that code from 10 years ago still works and still has value now. But on the other hand its possibly a little disappointing that things have moved so little that this is still a very relevant toolset.

Anyone else still got live code out there based on this?




5 Responses to “Developer jump start kit”

  1. sam Says:

    My first “real” dictator application was based on the DJS …ran from 2000 to 2007… the client did not upgrade to 07 ..they are still in 03…it was the output format (tax form) which got “simplified” from a single pager to sometthing close to 30 pgs

    What was dissapointing was that after giving us some fantastic stuff, nothing new came out of Baarns on Excel after 97…may be because as you mentioned before nothing major has changed since 97 in excel…


  2. Jon Peltier Says:

    “nothing new came out of Baarns on Excel after 97…may be because as you mentioned before nothing major has changed since 97 in excel…”

    What else changed, IIRC, was the personnel at Baarns. Perhaps the person involved in developing the free demo apps left, or the company decided not to spend resources on such activities.

  3. Simon Says:

    Most of the guys at Baarns moved on, and away from Excel I think. Rob Bovey is still involved in Excel of course, and the 2007 SDK still includes VBA from Chris Kinsman (dated 1996!), so the Baarns influence is still being felt.

    I don’t think the Baarns thing is disappointing, they distributed the source after all. Whats a shame is I don’t think there have been any comparable tools distributed since.

  4. Simon Says:

    And I think this is partly what ‘anonymous’ alluded to in his fateful MVP post last year.

    [the community driven gound-breaking tools]

  5. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    “Anyone else still got live code out there based on this?”

    I developed my own version of it around 2000. Later I created a similar toolkit for COM Add-ins in VB6. Now I try to port the toolkit to VB.NET…

    Kind regards,

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