SAP buy Business Objects

Not sure what to add to the title really. Why is this interesting? Well BO bought Cartesis a few months ago, shortly after Oracle bought Hyperion. None of the moves is too exciting in isolation, but as a market the BI (or whatever its called this week EPM?, BPM?) world is changing pretty rapidly at the moment.

Cartesis have a financial consolidation system called Magnitude that I have done some work around. I’d be interested to hear how those customers feel about now being customers of SAP.

No matter, most users will still consume their information in a spreadsheet.




2 Responses to “SAP buy Business Objects”

  1. Paul burke Says:

    Most analysts seem to agree that SAP have paid a bit too much for BO and sales will suffer as the dust settles on the product and brand merging process, something which SAP have little track record of doing prefering to grow organically.

    For us contractors who specialised in Cartesis the BO purchase was potentially a good thing as BO did not have a financial consolidation product. However as SAP recently purchased Outlooksoft and has it owns components that offer consolidation things look less rosy. Even if it is kept and actively promoted it will be 6 – 9 months before any meaningful sales can be expected as buyers steer clear of a product and company in a state of extreme flux.

  2. Simon Says:

    Good time to be brushing up non Cartesis skills then?
    It seems to be headed to a real EU v US BI battle

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