Spammy pingbacks

This blog has been getting a load (well half a dozen) spammy looking pingbacks recently (today). This is where a seemingly unrelated blog links to a post here, and then they get a comment linking back to them. I delete them as I catch them so ignore them if you see them – they’ll soon be removed.

The fact that many of them start:

“Unkown has a interesting article here, take a look” is a bit of a giveaway.

Anyone else seeing this? Most of them now seem to be being picked up by the brilliant Akismet anti spam.



6 Responses to “Spammy pingbacks”

  1. Ross Says:

    I get a few now and then, not had any recently, Akismet is ace

    I really like your blog, keep up the great work. Buy viagra here.

  2. Simon Says:

    I’d love to un-spam some of the junk, but its a lot worse than viagra and anatomy enhancements. Well, and a lot of car links?

  3. Ross Says:

    Teen school girls? (are there anyother type btw, is teen really needed!)

  4. Simon Says:

    Great article, not sure I understand all of it. granny pics here.

  5. Adam Vero Says:

    Yes, these so-called splogs (spam blogs) simply aggregate other people’s work under their own banner. The canny ones do link back in order to claim some strange “fair use” loophole for copyright:
    “we were so impressed that we wanted to link to that post, and we just quoted the first 99.9% to give our readers a preview, your honour”
    Of course, you would have to be constantly monitoring to find the ones which do not link back, but if found it should be easier to get the copied works removed (if you can deal with jurisidictional issues – some countries still don’t recognise international copyright treaties).

    Some of these sites have ads running, so it makes sense that they want your Google juice to get clicks and revenue. Others do not, so I can only assume that somewhere they are trying to up their own page rank so that the ‘mothership’ site they also link to is getting extra points for being linked to by a site with high rank.
    On the one hand they are linking your site but on the other they are trying to gain unjustified “authority” by ripping off your work. I did recently manage to get a site taken down (in Turkey) for blatantly copying various articles by myself and others – specifically my most popular post about using DSMod and related commands to update Active Directory account information.

    I do a fair bit of moderating on forums too and we get an unbelieveable amount of rubbish along the lines of “That’s a really interesting post!!!! Thanks ;-) 8-) ;>P By the way, Britney naked video here” in a two-year old dead thread.
    Evil spam posting software!! But who would ever click such things?

    For some reason my blog seems to attract lots of real-estate spam. Huge long list of properties in different US states which I cannot believe anyone would even click on. How can a person find pr0n with all this stuff getting in the way!? The only thing I can guess is that because Vero Beach is a pretty upscale are of Florida, this somehow gets Google in a knot and people think my Veroblog site is somehow relevant to people wanting to move to the US East Coast.

    Nude next door neighbour washing car and selling her five bedroom house here…

  6. Simon Says:

    Real estate? I get loads of car spam here
    ford pickups
    dodge pickups
    nissan skyline
    beastiality vids
    as you say – hard to separate the wheat from the chaff!
    Good point on the no-ad mothership boosters, I hadn’t thought of that. I run ff with ad-blocker so visting them is pointless as I don’t see the full gory misery.

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