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I wrote about Synergi Global Solutions, the agency that went titsup recently owing a few of us a few quid. I mentioned that having demonstrated that they couldn’t run an agency successfully the exact same directors had launched a new identical company. Identical apart from the hundreds of thousands of pounds of debt they reneged on of course!

Anyway for fun I got some website screenshots:

Old: note the business areas on the right

synergi global solutions a bit like innova business solutions

Old: note the catchy aligning nonsense:

synergi global solutions a biot more like innova resourcing

New: check it out:

innova business solutions a bit like synergi

Bloody brilliant – they are still determined to ‘align systems processes and people’, even though doing that created a 3-400 thousand hole last time. I can’t help wondering whether it is precisely this lack of imagination that lead them to disappear with my money last time around.

Here is a link to my previous rant.

Thanks heavens for CSS eh? – new corporate image in 2 shakes of a dogs wotsit.



6 Responses to “Innova resourcing”

  1. Biggus Dickus Says:

    I suppose these guys were also an MS “Gold Partner” ? Maybe not.

    There is a big problem in the custom software biz that those who run it are too often “business-men” (or “women”) and are just looking at it all as a money-making prospect.

    I have nothing against making money but I believe that yoi make it by providing SOLUTIONS. Those who actually DO the work are treated like “trained seals” all too often (not you Simon – I’d never call you a “trained seal” – but you know what I mean ;-) ).

    I have noticed that MS here in Canada only wants to talk to Gold Partners. In fact I have heard of one scenario where a little guy mentioned an idea to an MS rep and they said “Great idea – I’ll pass it by one of the Gold Partners to see what they thing (??) – (God’s truth that this was what I was told anyway) Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s true frankly.

    To me (especially in the Office area) there are two key “partners” – the developer and the ultimate user of the application. Too bad so many others keep trying to get in between.

    This is the reason why I stay on my own (maybe part of it is the fact that I’m an a**h*le as well ;-) )


  2. Simon Says:

    chuck-us-a-fish, chuck-us-a-fish!
    They were indeed an MS Gold partner, and Oracle, and Seibel.
    Yeah I can well believe the partner story. They are all so out of touch they have no idea who to listen to – so they listen to whoever pays them the most money.
    Codematic was an MS partner for years then they added all manner of pointless hoops so I binned it. One of the reps phoned up to persuade me to rejoin and take the Office competency bollocks to ‘prove’ our ability. (A total scam IMO).
    He offered some better communications or something. I pointed out that I already deal directly with the product teams, he totally spat his dummy out, moaning about not going through the proper channels, well funny!

  3. Biggus Dickus Says:

    “he totally spat his dummy out, moaning about not going through the proper channels, well funny!”

    Now THAT’S REALLY funny !!!!

  4. Rob Bruce Says:

    What the hell is ‘intouch’? I don’t deal with illiterate marketing idiots. They scare me too much.

  5. Simon Says:

    good spot Rob
    The nearest thing that comes to mind is ‘they touched me up for 15 grand’.

  6. Links Says:

    Synergi Global Solutions

    Liquidated and reinvented as

    Innova Business Solutions

    and now operating as

    Cornerstone Resources Ltd

    Contact Address
    Woodside House
    20 – 23 Woodside Place

    0845 888 2020

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