Excel 2007 Calculation bug fix available

The Excel team have got a fix for ‘the 850*77.1 = 100,000 rather than the more traditional 65,535’ issue.

More info here. They are in the process of getting it onto windows update.

I reckon thats pretty good going, and a full 8 days faster than my estimate, but its a week after Dicks so I’m not sure if there is a clear winner to the sweepstakes. Let us know if it was you.

I still didn’t hear of anyone actually losing out directly because of this error – did you?

Do let us know if it causes any unintentional side effects. It looks from the comments that is doesn’t install well if you don’t have Excel 2007 (funny old thing!).

I notice there is a 64 bit version of Excel services, I didn’t realise that.

Now all they need to do is fix the UI and I’ll migrate in a jiffy.



ps, is the fix:

if(v == 100000)
v = 65535;



I just saw this in a reply by Dan B (one of the Excel Team): “We’re not planning to share details on this beyond what we’ve already communicated…”

On the one hand it would be great if they did tell us, then I look down the 200 and odd comments on the orginal blog entry warning of the issue, and I realise there are some things Microsoft just can’t do because its Microsoft. I almost feel sorry for them (until I read the next rant from El Klaxon).

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