UK Excel user conference and Excel developer conference

Finally got the dates and venue for the UK Excel user conference nailed down. Its going to be in Cambridge, right in the centre at the Crowne Plaza. Here is a map. Here is a piccy (choose aerial). I went to a conference here last year its a great venue, in a good location.

The dates are:

Thursday 29 Nov – Intermediate conference, optional advanced classes

Friday 30 Nov – Advanced conference, optional intermediate classes.

Saturday 1 Dec – Excel Developer Conference.

Full info and signing up here.

The developer event is kind of connected, but kind of separate. All are welcome, you don’t need to be a hardcore fulltime dev, but some appreciation for developing spreadsheet based systems will definitely help.

I think the time is ripe for an Excel developer conference. Things have moved quite rapidly recently and VBA is no longer the only choice. Its often the best choice, but with an eye to the future its worth keeping track of the alternatives.

The plan is for one day of developer focused content, in a small friendly environment (max 30ish people). Please leave a comment with your suggestions for topics. I guess we should have time for 4 slots. Here are some of my thoughts to get you started:

  • Migrating working solutions to 2007 – issues, gotchas and workarounds.
  • Migrating Excel based solutions to relational or OLAP databases
  • Web enabling Excel/VBA applications
  • Future of VBA
  • VSTO and .net in Excel applications
  • Writing fast user defined functions in xlls (for VBA devs)
  • Migrating away from Microsoft
  • Testing Excel apps effectively
  • round table shared projector session
  • development problem clinc
  • colloboration and server spreadsheets

Basically anything goes, whatever you want/need to know about to do your Excel development. Also if there is someone you specifically want to hear from leave a comment, or email me. If you would like to present let me know too, with some ideas for content. On the subject of slots – should we go for 5/6 shorter slots or 3/4 longer ones?

Just to be clear – this conference is about gritty real world tried and tested technical content that real developers are delivering to real clients right now. This isn’t about fluffy vapourware that would solve all our problems if only we download one more framework or component. Its not about technology that clients might adopt in 2010 and beyond – its now and the next 12-36 months (that would be 2010 right? ;-)).

The comments and emails will totally drive the content of the day so don’t be shy.



7 Responses to “UK Excel user conference and Excel developer conference”

  1. dermot Says:

    I think we really need “design patterns” for Excel, to help developers with common types of projects.

    There is the usual table pattern of course,then there is what you call a block pattern, used in finance, where you put tax on one sheet, depreciation on another, etc. There is the “loop through, processing one record at a time” approach, which I use extensively but which is little appreciated for the way it simpifies complex spreadsheets..

  2. Methods In Excel » UK Excel user conference and Excel developer conference Says:

    […] such that he is, is taking suggestions for topics, although what he had suggested looks about right to me. But if you have any ideas then I’m sure […]

  3. Ricardo Lopez-Herrera Says:

    Marketing Excel Based Solutions
    I think we should to know how explains our customers how effective and flexible our solutions could be, I have see how many potential customers that doesn’t know that excel could solve their problems, instead of that they spend a obsene amount of money and time building an ad-hoc system that is both rigid and expensive to maintain.

    on the other hand I think world is changing and spreadsheet development is not exception, in 5 year I’m no sure if Excel would be the market leader as now, new participants are entering in scene, IBM’s Symphony, SUN’s StarOffice and his poor cousin are viable altenatives for spreadsheet solutions.
    Would you consider as a valid topic explore how the future is for Excel Development and how the developers could face that changes, it is a opportunity or a menace??

  4. Marcus Says:

    The prices for day three haven’t been entered in yet. Does that mean they’re free :P or the prices have yet to be confirmed?

    Regards – Marcus

  5. Simon Says:

    I think it will be 129 gbp like the other days (early registration – it goes up mid Nov)
    Ricardo, I like the idea of some commercial input – this looks like a good topic for the pub – Excel versus the rest of the world (‘Excel tek’ in Yorkshire)
    Dermot design patterns is a good topic, great idea thanks

  6. Guru Says:

    Hello Simon :)
    Hope all is well.
    I have returned to earth.

    I see that the most important thing (only in my humble opion) is not on the list.

    Won’t say what it is ;)

    I am tempted to attend – however I never do attend such things.

    Doing pretty well with C# now.

    All the best

    S…….. (you know)

  7. Simon Says:

    If your most important thing is Access/databases or .net its in there.
    If its not one of those you are thinking of then give us a clue – the suspense is killing me ;-)

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