Google apps making headway

(According to Google)

El Reg has an interesting article here. It seems that 1,500 new clients are signing up for Google apps per day. Google reckon this level of adoption is driven by the speed of their innovation. Which is an important benefit of the ‘service’ model v ‘manufacturing’ we discussed last week. Google run all the code on their servers (in most cases) so they can update as often as they like. Microsoft on the other hand are stuck to 2-3 year release cycles, and they rarely add features in a service pack.

[By the way – where IS service pack 1 for Office 2007? It seems to have been floating around for a while, but still no release date – How I hope its because they added a new ‘classic’ ui!] (a dream I know!)

What would be really interesting is how many of that 1,500 don’t use MS office? in particular how many find Google apps totally satisfies their needs? I’d also love to know how many people are trying Office 2007 per day? A trial version seems to be part of the crapware that infests most new pcs. And you can download it of course. It would be great to give some context to the Google numbers. 1,500 per day is roughly half a million per year, which doesn’t see that impressive when MS have around 440 million users. I also wonder how fast OpenOffice is getting downloaded/installed?

Of course I’ve just done a simple 1,500 * 365, if they are on an exponential growth path, things could get much more exciting. If 1,500 don’t download it on Christmas day then it could be less exciting.

I still think its too early to say what the impact on Google Apps and Docs might be on the Excel development world. But I don’t think its too early to track the developments in this area pretty closely.

What about you? do you see any big opportunities, or threats?



3 Responses to “Google apps making headway”

  1. Ross Says:

    I was doing some work with google maps API a few days ago, I have some simple code that will geocode data via a function in excel – it’s nice. Howevere, i saw some google apps SS that where also most like Map point! now that is a cool thing, brigning those 2 thing togther with just a few worksheet functions live on the web, very powerful!

  2. Benjamin Says:

    On’s stats page (, the latest week for which stats are published ended June 30, 2007.

    Over 680,000 downloads were recorded that week.

    Total from when they started counting was 98,300,000

  3. Simon Says:

    Thanks for the stats and link Benjamin.

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