End of British Summer time

Happened last night – we actually remembered this time.

There are 2 times per year when you realise how ‘free’ all those clocks, that everything seems to come with these days, really are. All the PCs sorted themselves out no bother. All the clocks we had to change manually, no surprise there, but…

Then all the vehicle clocks need changing.

All the cameras, calculator, video, DVD, CD player, cooker, bike computer, ipod, mobile phones, central heating etc etc.

What a PITA. And thats not the worst thing, everyone delighting in the one hour lie-in – they don’t have young kids do they? I was up at 6:30 old time 5:30 new time with the kids this am – nice! It’ll take them days to cope with the change.

Personally I wish they would leave the clocks the same time all year, what about you?



6 Responses to “End of British Summer time”

  1. Ross Says:

    think of the poor sheep Simon! – Arrived an hour early for work today, not the end of the world, but it’s an hour of sleep I’ll never get back!

  2. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    We have had winter/summer time for a long time so we are used.

    For us who are living in the northern part of Scandinavia the adjustement is good as we then get some daylight back in late autumn (although for a very short time).

    Despite the above it still take some days to ‘adjust the internal clock’. The kids has a week off so no impact on them.

    Kind regards,

  3. Simon Says:

    Its not too bad if you mess up a Monday. One of my wifes mates didn’t notice till Wednesday at the spring change (busy life?). I assume you pretended you meant to get in early?
    Dennis I’m not a morning person at all so more early daylight is wasted on me. What time does it go dark where you are? It was around 6 here so I’m guessing its 5pm now.

  4. Dennis Wallentin Says:


    Around 16:00 it starts to get dark but it will get darker earlier as we go in November and December. That’s why we get a lot of snow – to light us up!

    Kind regards,

  5. Marcus Says:

    If it’s any consolation, daylight savings just started in Melbourne.

    And Ross you got that extra hours sleep – on loan – when summer started. Winter is pay back time ;-)

    CHeers – Marcus

  6. Jon Peltier Says:

    Marcus –

    That’s backwards. You get an extra hour in the fall, and lose it in the spring. In college the fun joke was to convince your mates to turn their clocks back in the spring. They’re perfectly willing, with the promise of an extra hour of sleep, and don’t find out until they’re two hours late for Monday classes.

    Unless of course you mean he doesn’t gain the time now because the kids don’t rise by the clock.

    Here in the States we turn the clocks back overnight Saturday.

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