Please can I go to the xl conf?

This may help some of you/us


Dear beloved partner

I have recently seen a great opportunity on t’intar-web. (here)

As you know I do a fair bit of work in Excel and my boss thinks I’m great because I get things working.

Well some of the top Excel folks in the UK (and beyond) are getting together to pass on some of their hard earned knowledge. In 2 or 3 days I’ll probably learn more than I have in the last 5 years.

I really think I should go and boost my skills. I’ll try not to get involved in the social side and focus purely on Excel, although I have heard its worth going to the pub, as some of them talk Excel there too.

As well as learning a ton of stuff I’ll also meet some of my peers and get some great contacts for possible future work. I’ll also meet some of the folks on that Excel list that I have been on for years. Some of them went last year and said it was excellent.

And I promise I’ll decorate the spare room as soon as I get back.

I might even be able to bring you a nice souvenir of Cambridge back [??].


Any other good reasons you can think of?

(Mrs Smurf started to ‘help’, but that just ended up as a massive list of things I promise to do when I get back. )



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