Smurf sur Tableur

I spotted someone had visted this site via this Google French translation.

Of course as any francophile should know smurf is Stroumph in French. What would be ideal now is if one of these French visitors could sort me out a 3 month contract in Grenoble for the winter. (Or Lyon or Annecy, or Chamonix even better).

Madame Stroumph could bring out the stroumph-lings at weekends for a bit of snowboarding – much better than a walk in the Cumbrian winter drizzle.

I guess I could live with a 3/6 month stint in Paris instead.

Anyone else got their sights set on an alternative location?



3 Responses to “Smurf sur Tableur”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Absolutely – I’ve just relocated myself from Melbourne to London. The wife and bear cubs are set to follow early next year.

    Apparently yesterday in Melbourne was 31 celcius, tomorrow’s expected to be
    in the low twenties. Meanwhile I arrived just in time for a glorious London winter.

    Looking forward to the Excel user conference although I’ll only be able to make it for Saturday.

    See you there – Marcus

  2. Simon Says:

    Any vacant slots in Melbourne then? I might get over there and get some decent weather this winter.
    Weekends with the family might be awkward of course.

  3. Marcus Says:

    That would depend on how you define ‘decent’. Last summer we had about half a dozen days where the mercury exceeded 40 celsius – sounds tropical but the heat can be stiffling.

    CHeers – Marcus

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