wow add ins do not work

Another term people used to get here.

You could see this as:

Wow! Add-ins do not work (That would be irony right? – lots of add-ins don’t work right.)(and with the latest Office security features they work less and less well out of the box.)


wow (Windows on windows) add-ins do not work.

‘Wow’ is a compatibility layer included in 64 bit windows to allow 32 bit apps to run unchanged. here is some more info.

I am not saying this is a doomsday scenario, but I am slightly edgy about how well VB6 apps and COM add-ins are going to cope in this new 64 bit world.


WOW (Woodys Office Watch) Add-ins do not work. Not sure if thats the right link?

Office watch is indeed warning of things breaking with 2k3 SP3 but I can’t find specifics.

Any other wows I’ve missed?



3 Responses to “wow add ins do not work”

  1. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    Wow! I’ve been forced to update my VSTO solutions after installing the SP-3 for Office 2003. It’s related to the CAS configuration.

    Wow! I’ve been forced to update some VBA solutions since they no longer work as expected after installing th SP-3 for Office 2003.
    The key issue is that Excel 2003 is less forgiving and require complete variable declarations/references. This is weird because the same code run well in Excel 2007 and in 2000/2002.

    Wow! Created solutions with Excel 2003 SP-3 take more time upon saving them in Excel 2007 (saving in the Excel 97 – 2003 file format) then Excel 2003 SP-2. But in general the best approach is simple to convert all solutions to Excel 2007 file format.

    Wow! All my managed COM Add-in still works as expected in Excel 2003 SP-3.

    End of Wow!

  2. Simon Says:

    Thanks for the heads up Dennis.
    I’m still on 2k3 SP1, I guess I’m going to need to move to SP3 to reflect the client situation.

  3. MikeC Says:

    World of Warcraft add-ins do not work?

    Dammit, so much for using VBA to control my game whilst I try to persuade the dog to chase just one rabbit at a time….!

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