Please can I go to the xl conf 2?

This may help some of you.



I have recently seen a great training opportunity on t’intar-web. (here)

As you know I do a fair bit of work in Excel and that has really helped streamline many of our processes. Only last week I saved Joe a day a month by automating some of his management reporting. It only took me an hour.

Well some of the top Excel folks in the UK are getting together to pass on some of their hard earned knowledge. In 2 or 3 days I’ll probably learn more than I have in the last 5 years.

As you know I have never had any formal Excel training even though its my main work tool, and we are utterly dependent on it. This is one of the very very few opportunities to learn from expert users and active developers, not just trainers following a script.

I know you have some training budget left (all of it?), and this would be a great way to invest a small part of that.

When I get back I should be able to do that complex report pack we were discussing in half the time, and it will be twice as good probably.


I did some training for a large financial institution and discovered that many of their finance staff had 2 or less days of Excel training, and yet it was the main tool they used all day every day. Where ever you get your training it must be worth skilling up in the products you use the most, surely?



3 Responses to “Please can I go to the xl conf 2?”

  1. Rob Bruce Says:

    I’m jaded enough NOT to be amazed that companies will send entire departments off on ‘team building’ exercises and ‘communication skills’ courses but will refuse to grant anything more than an afternoon’s worth of Excel training to staff.
    Even more weird, how many times do you hear “You have to work here for five years before you REALLY understand how the business works”? Yet this is seldom addressed: Induction courses for new staff are nothing more than a series of marketing lectures from deputy heads of department, and five years is about as long as any individual can expect to last in any given company before being swept up in one of the annual round of panic redundancies.
    I fully realise that a business that flies by the seat of its pants is exactly the type of business that provides Excel developers with employment opportunities, but sometimes don’t you just wish you could walk into a company where someone actually any kind of a clue?

  2. Simon Says:

    Do you think orgs are more willing to invest in a ‘team’ as that is sort of permanent. but they don’t like investing in individuals as they are transitory.
    I’ve just seen a client go through the butchery you describe. shortly after a ton of ‘team building’.
    Yes I wonder if being an Excel dev means destined for a life of seat of the pants clients? Certainly the non Excel stuff I’ve done has been more strategic and less knee jerk.

  3. Jon Peltier Says:

    “the annual round of panic redundancies”

    I’ve never worked in a company (except my own) that took such action less than quarterly, and monthly has been more common in my experience. One company for a while had weekly reductions, and my happiest day at work was the day I was let go.

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