UK Excel Conference Blog

We have set up a conference blog here.

We will be using that to keep everyone upto date with developments as they happen. We’ll also provide in depth session outlines so you can decide which session will give you the most benefit.

That will also save me having to put

this topic will be covered in more depth at the UK Excel User Conference

at the bottom of every post, although I still might.

I’m really looking forward to it, last year was a great event, this year has many of the same great speakers, and lots of interesting content.

hope to see you there (at the conference blog, and at the event itself)



[And don’t think I’ll be neglecting this blog, I’ve loads of developer type questions I would like to discuss]

6 Responses to “UK Excel Conference Blog”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Never having been the best with paperwork and filling in forms, I need to confess that I’m stil not sure what selection I need to make to only attend Saturday’s sessions.

    Signed – Confused

  2. Marcus Says:

    Hmm – I posted a question here (which had a URL). It seems to have been sucked in to the SPAM vortex.

  3. Simon Says:

    I thought that got fixed, I’ll get on it – you are right, there seems no way to book single day 3
    [hint hint – book more! ;-)]
    I’ll get a day 3 only option added
    check back tomorrow
    Dunno why askimet has fallen out with you

  4. Marcus Says:

    You can hint all you want, but I think I’d be demonstrating more front than Myers asking for time off given I’ve only just started. :P

    Cheers – Marcus

  5. Simon Says:

    Not me hinting, Damon looks after the bookings
    Dunno about down south but up here its usually ‘more front than Blackpool’. (I’ll tell you more about Blackpool at the conf).

  6. Marcus Says:

    Myers is a department store in Melbourne which has a w-i-d-e street frontage on Bourke Street.

    Cheers – Marcus

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