Access User group seminar coming up

I meant to mention this a couple of weeks ago. i went to an AUG event a few months ago and it was really good. I’m thinking of going to this one too, anyone else going?

Friday 16th November 2007
Microsoft Offices, Reading

The next Access User Group seminar will be on 16th of November at Microsoft’s Offices in Reading. Topics include:

Office 2007 Client Developer Features presented by Martin Parry, Microsoft
Application Development – Sharepoint As An Alternative Tool to Access presented by Stuart Holywell, Gordon Associates
Application Development – Working with Access 2007 and SharePoint Together presented by Derek Goodridge, WorkerThread Limited

Access 2007 Is Great – No It Isn’t – Yes It Is – No It Isn’t: a review of the new version of Access presented by Alan Cossey

Converting SQL from Access to SQL Server presented by Andy Couch
Overview of Office 2007 – All The Other Products presented by Rod Gordon, Gordon Associates

[edit: Doh – heres the link]



4 Responses to “Access User group seminar coming up”

  1. Rob Bruce Says:

    Interesting how many of the sessions are about not using Access. Is this a recognition of the ‘every problem is a nail’ issue, or a recognition of the fact that Access really isn’t that good at much?

  2. SPG Says:

    Quote: Access really isn’t that good at much?

    I have developed some serious apps in Access.
    If you actually know what you are doing…

  3. Simon Says:

    Interesting point Rob, I think its more a reflection of the recent ‘wilderness years’ Access has endured.
    It really looked like Access was a goner a few years ago, then with more lives than a cat its back. And the Access team really seem to be reaching out to the community, so I think it has some legs yet.
    I think like Excel its great for prototyping and quick and dirty stuff. For production I personally prefer an exe against Jet, or better yet SQL Server.

  4. Rob Bruce Says:

    My bad Simon. Of course Access is excellent for prototyping and building quick and dirty DBA applications. Unfortunately, as with Excel, many of these turn into crucial line-of-business applications before there’s time, funding, or willingness to rebuild using more appropriate technology.
    BTW SPG, I do know what I’m doing :-)

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