Is this you? (uk only)

Queuing in the rain for your i-phone? (The Apple store starts selling them at 6.02pm Friday night)(on the O2 network – I wonder how long the ‘margeting’ department spent ‘thought showering’ that one?). Thought shower is the new, approved, politically correct, term for what uncaring insensitive beasts used to call brainstorming. I think it is only used in government departments?

I’m wondering if I should expect a sharp drop off in readers as you all rush off to Regents street to book your place in history? (I’d be there myself of course, except I have to tidy my sock drawer today). I hope this post doesn’t make it even worse.

I could be wrong but I don’t remember people queuing outside anywhere for the release of Office 2007 (or OpenOffice 2.0). Did you?

I can’t be too cynical though – I’ve just pre-ordered one of these: Asus eee 701. Due in Bighty next week, more info to follow when/if it makes it to sunny Cumbria.

Anyone else got their eye on any ‘essential’ (honest!) gadgets?



10 Responses to “Is this you? (uk only)”

  1. Rob Bruce Says:

    I got within a mouse click of ordering that Asus eee from here but took a step back and asked myself what it was really for. I couldn’t justify it from either a business or personal point of view, so I ordered a new acoustic guitar instead.

  2. Simon Says:

    Spooky – I have basically done the exact opposite to you (apart from the justification bit – I can’t justify it either). But I was in our local guitar shop last week eyeing up a Gibson (I can’t play btw), but went for the eee instead.
    I went for the 1Gb RAM version from here:
    although I have been tracking Clove and RM too.

    :( I see the eee arrival date has moved back a day.

  3. Ross Says:

    Your never gonna use that! :)

  4. Rob Bruce Says:

    I don’t know whether to claim the guitar as a business expense. I don’t usually take the piss with stuff like that, but I often pick up a guitar (or even go out on a bike) if I need to think through a difficult problem without the temptation to start coding before I’ve worked out the best solution. I’m not asking you to incriminate yourself, but what sort of stuff do you claim?


  5. MikeC Says:

    I know I’ll get flamed for this (I usually do), but I refuse point-blank to buy Apple products.

    I bought an mp3 player for £40 two years ago – the equivalent iPod cost about £140.
    My last pc cost me £450, and I cannibalised parts from my old one to upgrade it – an equivalent iMac would have cost the best part of a grand.
    Mere weeks after the iPhone was released in the US, the price dropped significantly (c$200 if I remember rightly), showing it was vastly overpriced to start with.

    Apple products look great, and work well (as a rule) – but I don’t find ’em worth the price – especially iMacs, considering that they’re so tricky to upgrade the hardware. Want to play the latest games? Need a new video card to do it? Buy a complete new iMac!!
    There are a number of things I would rather spend £269 on than an iPhone on release day. Funnily enough, I’ll be in the pub at 6.02 so I’ll be doing one of those things at the time! ;-)

    (also: £269 = c$565US. You can buy the same one in the US for about $399 – £190. So you pay an extra £79 because you’re in the UK. Surprise.)

    The next “gadget” I have to have though, is a “Bob” training dummy.
    Oh yes.

  6. Simon Says:

    You talking to me? (about the eee or the (pending) guitar?) or Rob?

    Rob – I don’t take the piss either, and if its a justifiable expense it goes in.
    I have put bikes through before, and my motor bike – that was seriously tax efficient (no private use – just business travel).
    My view is: do some big cos (/start ups) do it for their employees? if so I’d put it in.
    If in doubt I dont reclaim the vat, cos their rules are a bit stricter around partial private use/business necessity. Codematic has a range of tat lying around from hair brained schemes I have had in the past. A couple of chords in an app/website == new guitar, job done. Client didn’t like it? take it out.
    As a small business an awful lot of stuff has some business use.
    Mike no flames here, and remember ‘dummies can’t fight back’!

  7. Marcus Says:

    “iPhone …price dropped significantly (c$200 …showing it was vastly overpriced to start with.”

    Actually Mike this is a fairly standard marketing practice called milking (or creaming) the market. You know there will be a small percentage of the market (early adopters – or in the case of Apple, fanatics) who would pay almost any price. Why charge them $500 when they would willingly pay $700. Once you’ve creamed that section of the market, the price is then dropped to relect the next market segment. XBox did the same thing.

    The other way to cream the early adopters is to have another version or edition of the product in which the price can be differentiated (extorted). I saw the Lord of the Rings DVD trilogy that was more expensive than buying the DVDs individually as it was in a special ‘collectors edition’ box. However this approach takes more effort.

    Simply dropping the price after you’ve milked the early adopters takes zero product differentiation (no extra overhead incurred).

    Cheers – Marcus

  8. Simon Says:

    Marcus good point on marketing
    we have a 10 quid limit on DVDs, which means we wait 3-6 months from release, no big deal, theres tons of old stuff we havent seen yet.
    I got the new blackberry as soon as it came out though.

  9. Paul in Brum Says:

    What do you plan to use it for? Will you be attempting to load Visual Studio or other apps via VMWare? Or just for web browsing around the house and garden?

  10. Simon Says:

    Its for my new career as a work-dodging international blogger(/joiner).
    Yeah just for wasting time working on the internet.

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