Please can I go to the Excel conf 3

I wasn’t going to do any more of these on here but then I got sent this real life (successful) approach:


Hi xxxxxxxxx(the Boss),

Not sure if this is viewed as relevant.

I got the link from Simon Murphy’s blog (smurfonspreadsheets)
Its good value at £ 269 basic 2 day package.

Anyway, I was wondering if we could put something in the training budget for the one in Sydney in 2008?


xxxxxx (very shrewd negotiator)


This is the sort of approach I need to follow to get the OK to go to the Sydney one. I might have to look for some sales tips on that idea though (and now I know just the person to ask!).

If anyone has a better approach for getting approval for the conf let me know, especially if its worked in real life. Also anyone with reusable justifications for the OZ user conf , that might work with Mrs S, send those through too.



4 Responses to “Please can I go to the Excel conf 3”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Simon – I know I’ve been nagging about this for a while now. I’m just going to attend the regular sessions on Saturday (day 3).

    Is that simply option 19 (129 GBP)?

    Are most people staying at the Crowne Plaza? Is it worth turning up Friday night after work?

    Cheers – Marcus

  2. Simon Says:

    Yes number 19 is the one for just the Sat dev conf, sorry it wasn’t there earlier.
    And there is also some options around add-on classes for the Thurs and Fri.

    Yes I think there will be a few of us around on Friday night. I think most people are avoiding the Plaza (140GBP per night) and heading for the travellodge (70 GBP per night). I’ll be staying Sat night too if anyone fancies some beers.

  3. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Last year I caused a loss of US$ xxxxx mainly because I made a manually calculation error when trying to summarize 8001 numbers / column where I use 159 columns in Excel.

    A guy called Simon claims that Excel can automatically do that kind of calculation but I don’t know how.

    According to Simon he can show me how but in order to achieve this advance knowledge he says that the corporate needs to pay US$ xxx to let me attend two classes in xxxx.

    Except for that, Simon seems to be an exceptionell nice gentleman as he also offer his consultancy service to help us out for only US$ xxxx per hour.

    Finally, I will buy Simon 2 beers with my monthly pocket money so that will be free of charge for the corporate.

    Your faithfully,

  4. Simon Says:

    I think I should see about getting that [2 beers for Simon] added to the end of the shopping cart on the booking site. Great idea

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