Office 2007 security resources

I tripped over this link recently:

Its a good overview of some of the security features in Office 2007 and links to some MS resources.

For the avoidance of any doubt, worksheet, workbook, workbook open and VBA protection are not considered security features. These are usability features.

You’ll see from the documents at that link that MS have a much better security story by integrating more closely with Windows and policies etc.

As a matter of interest, please leave a comment if you care about security (honestly). If you don’t care about security please leave a comment why.

I think a great many people in the Office development world don’t really care about security, so don’t be shy.



3 Responses to “Office 2007 security resources”

  1. gobansaor Says:

    I care. Well, I care not so much about “security” but about risk. I believe that risk should be managed not avoided. Too many “security” policies seek to totally exclude risk and often end up being less secure as a result e.g. everything within the LAN OK, everything without BAD, leading to single points of failure or to wholesale evasion of over-strict policies.


  2. Ross Says:

    I don’t care. Security it there because of 2 groups of people, the stupid and the nasty. If you can eliminate one or the other, then there is no need to major Security, on every day systems.

    Actually i do care because your never going to archive the above, and so security measures will alway be needed, which means I’ll always have to deal with then/ feel there pain!

  3. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    When Windows Vista becomes more common many more will be forced to care about security!

    Security is one major driver for me to develop on the .NET platform and use digital certificate for all solutions that involves VB/VBA. OK, it may be complex when using CAS for VSTO solutions but it’s more like of a learning process then real issues.

    As with all stuff in life, security needs to be balanced so we don’t end up in a situation where security control all IT…

    Kind regards,

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