Asus eee 0.8 impressions

0.8 because the battery is still charging so I havent had it running yet.

First impressions:

Small solid good.

here are some pics:

basic eee open shot:
eee open

Eee sitting on my Vaio, which is (/was!) a small machine (12.1″ screen)
eee v vaio open

Eee compared to Vaio closed, including power – note the Eee has a big mobile phone style plug rather than a big muckle brick.
eee v vaio closed

It looks like a ‘proper’ laptop, but only cost 230 quid (the Vaio was 1,100 I think). There doesn’t seem to be much space for stickers sadly.

If I can get the unboxing vid uploaded without it killing ff (again) I’ll add a link.

I think something on this machine might be jealous of the new kid in the family – I’m on my third hard reboot this hour, something in the combination of Firefox, YouTube and ZoneAlarm (guess who I suspect) is killing my pc.

Yea – vid:

I’ll be bringing it to the conf, for anyone who hasn’t got one yet.

Big shout out to Ebuyer.

My pre-order with another supplier bounced late yesterday so I ordered at 4 pm for Ebuyer, it arrived 8am this morning. Fantastic. I’ll be buying from them again. (sadly they look to be out of stock now).



3 Responses to “Asus eee 0.8 impressions”

  1. Paul in Brum Says:

    I have purchased from ebuyer before and they are very good. They also have the ability to print out old invoices which is good for when i am doing expenses for a 6 month period.

    The screen looks like it could be bigger. Are those speakers on the side? Should have just had a jack plug and a bigger screen.

  2. Rob Bruce Says:

    “Cord, machine. Machine, cord. Just like that!”

  3. Ross Says:

    Yeah ebuyer are good, buy from them alot – well not that much, but you know what i mean. There “bargain basement” section used to be better than it is now. I think they use city link in the uk, who are very good.

    Nice video. The screen does look small, how many inches is it?* I think you can live with the keyboard, but the mouse pad looks tight – Only time will tell!
    Nice charger, more like a phone than a laptop, like those old Toshiba’s.

    *Grow up! :-)

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