Asus eee v iPhone

From a marketing POV nothing technical.

The UK iPhone ‘launch’ has been considered a bit of a flop. Of course they will sell plenty over time but the ‘event’ was very much a none event. (source ElReg of course)

In the other post I mentioned the people queuing in the rain last week for the iPhone. A few people are now suggesting they may have been plants. Obviously they are plants for sitting for days in the rain, but also possibly part of a PR stunt.

I’m not big on newspapers or tele, but I believe there has been quite a campaign to promote the iPhone.

Contrast with the eee. They are slowly trickling into the marketplace and being snapped up as they land. No adverts, or queuing stooges. I’ve been tracking them for about a month, and had mine on order for a week – should be here this week. There seems to be a natural, honest buzz around them, with at least one of the early unboxings making it to most popular spot on WordPress.

Its really quite refreshingly hype-free – the ideal antidote to the vacuous hubbub created by the Apple marketing machine.

One comment I have read a few places is that the Eee has the potential to be a real market changing product. Its a sub notebook for 200 quid, that alone is pretty novel. Add the fact it runs Linux, comes with a full suite of most tools most people need (and they are mainly open source) and the potential becomes obvious. For sure it’s not going to be everyones cup of tea – but I wish mine would hury up and arrive! [update: it’s on the van apparently Its arrived – photos by dinner time]
Put it this way: the Asus Eee represent the best possible chance my eldest has of getting the web surfing laptop he wants from Santa.



9 Responses to “Asus eee v iPhone”

  1. steve mccoll Says:

    I got one on Tottenham Court Road in London on Monday and all the stores that had them had a product demonstrator out front inviting people to try them and by 2pm they had sold out.

    I took mine home unboxed it and my wife who has shown no interest in having a laptop to date insisted I pick one up for her too. Fits in her handbag :) Managed to get one from another shop on Tuesday whose delivery was late but it was sounding like that would be it till xmas.

  2. Ross Says:

    >>There’s something final and satisfying about clocking out, you know? The free pizzas and abundant weed were nice, too. :P

    I told you, you were never going to use it!!!!

    Apart from the price point whats new about this laptop? A guy in my office has a laptop that is as small as this? whats the big deal, clearly I am missing something?

  3. Ross Says:

    oops, the quote above was from a different board! dam windows clipboard! meant to copy this!

    >>Put it this way: the Asus Eee represent the best possible chance my eldest has of getting the web surfing laptop he wants from Santa.


  4. Simon Says:

    Easy access to TCR is one of the benefits of being Lndn based – not so easy from Cumbria. But I got delivery in just over 12 hours!! (top marks I think I may get a similar reaction from my wifey too.

    ARE YOU MAD? – course he’s not getting my new lapper. (Quote:’Simon, you have too many laptops’ meaning – which can I have?)

    The price point is the point I reckon. I’ve mainly got it for blogging, email and web.
    Many clients block us out of web mail, the eee solves that problem.
    Also for me I’ve been looking for a sub-notebook that runs Linux for while, 200 is easier to justify than 1200. At 200 quid I think just buy it and a use will appear eventually (don’t tell the old boot ;-))
    ps that other board looks fun!

  5. Rob Bruce Says:

    I’d be tempted by this: – but it’s N.America only at the moment.

    In other news, I’m celebrating getting the guitar I ordered in place of the eee by writing my first ever song in Welsh.

  6. Simon Says:

    A soundtrack for a business venture? (/tax relief?)
    Yeah I’ve been following the OLPC too, I’d probably have gone for the give one get one thing given the chance – which we havent been. Next year maybe?

  7. Rob Bruce Says:

    No way would I inflict my poor songwriting and worse singing on a paying client. Now, a non-paying client (C****** C***, I’m thinking of you here) would be a different matter, and would make an entertaining change from the usual (idle) threat of ‘further action’.


  8. Simon Says:

    Pay up or I’ll be round your house scaring your cats?
    (btw Only one 4 letter C word comes to mind)

  9. Rob Bruce Says:

    “btw Only one 4 letter C word comes to mind”

    Maybe their cash flow problems are due in part to their somewhat controversial name and consumers being reluctant to ‘engage’ with it. I’d never thought of that.

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