Asus letterbox blogging

This is me blogging on my new Asus eee.

eee screen


I’m thinking of doing some proper work soon.



5 Responses to “Asus letterbox blogging”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    Idle curiousity – how many USB ports does the eee have? Could it work with an outside monitor? Could it work with a projector?

  2. Simon Says:

    3 USB ports
    Yes I have it hooked up to a 19″ screen now. The LCD is 7″ diag with 800x 600 or something 480, but the VGA out will drive a higher resolution (1024×800 I think)
    I’ll be trying my (USB) MS ergonomic keyboard later. It also has an SD slot, which is rumoured to be SDHC.

  3. Simon Says:

    Oh the Irony – I’m using my Microsoft keyboard on my new Linux pc nae bother. (None of the extended buttons work, but the rest does)
    I have my USB trackball going too.
    It will drive an external screen up to 1600 x 1200.
    So mega portable for travelling (I’ll have to go somewhere soon) and then full ergo for at home. (and I believe it will run the Citrix client with a bit of persuasion).
    If I can get my Blackberry working as a modem then I’m totally sorted.

  4. Marcus Says:

    Hmmm. Makes me feel somewhat inadequate with my 17.1″ Toshiba Qosmio. They say size isn’t everything.

    How is it for sheer grunt?

  5. Simon Says:

    I havent really hammered it yet. And all the perf stuff I’ve done has been in Windows.
    I would expect grunt would be similar to my last but one dev lapper, or maybe the one before that.
    But for a bit of tinkering and travelling I think it will be sweet.

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