Office 2007 UI

Yes we all know I’m no fan boy. but even so.

And we all know that its a big clumsy screen stealer, but I thought it would be worth comparing it to Firefox, and Firefoxs’ powerful and effective themes. Office 2007 seems to have made a half hearted (or half arsed!) attempt at themes. Here is the default one.


Here is the default Firefox theme:


here is a smaller button version for people who want to use their screen for work.


here is pimpzilla for people who like some bling with their surfing.


here is the aquaint one that I am currently using


I don’t particularly think themes or skins are mission critical, but I do think if its worth doing at all its worth doing competently. Firefox does that I reckon.

If Office themes were as rich and enabled changing icon sizes then I could probably live with the black theme, as long as I could get that ribbon under control



3 Responses to “Office 2007 UI”

  1. MikeC Says:

    Mod -1 Flamebait….

  2. Simon Says:

    -1? thats harsh!
    You don’t think the comparison to ff is worth something for creativity?
    I’d love to see a pimped up ribbon.
    Another neat thing about ff themes is it works well on the small Asus Eee screen because you can shrink the header/menu fonts. I’d love to see the ribbon on a 800 x 480 screen, well thats all you’d see I guess.

  3. MikeC Says:

    not at all Simon…

    Purely because you had Slashdot open, and I wanted to “randomly mod without RTFAing” in the strongest tradition of /.

    (Regards the actual article, I agree. Anything that allowed more direct manipulation of appearance, style, size etc of the Ribbon in Excel 2k7 gets my vote.)

    Apologies if my Monday humour came across as something other than just that, I’ll get my coat!

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