Quiet week warning

In case you hadn’t realised its the UK Excel User and Developer conference this Thur Fri and Sat.

The chances of me fitting in any blog posts are slim to zero so dont hold your breath for the next ribbon moan. Actually I think I have run out for the time being (although I’ll be doing some 2007 stuff at the conf, so I’ll no doubt be raging and ranting next week!).

I’ll probably start on the xll series next week too.



7 Responses to “Quiet week warning”

  1. MacroMan Says:

    you weren’t kiddin…sheesh.

  2. MikeC Says:

    Quick, fill the blog with comments about Excel 2007 being fantastic, especially the Wonderful Ribbon UI (TM), while he’s not looking!

  3. Simon Says:

    Mike – I’m back, and I notice that everyone who loves the ribbon has had their say – all of them – ie none!

  4. MikeC Says:

    Admit it, you tinkered with the filtering settings….!

    Glad you had fun @ the conf, looking forward to seeing some details about it… *hint*

  5. Simon Says:

    Alright alright I admit it
    I filtered the F word the C word and any combination of ribbon and good straight to the spam bin.

  6. Jon Peltier Says:

    How about combinations of ‘ribbon’ and ‘no good’?

  7. martin rushton Says:

    comments on the ribbon at the conference were also filtered. Only if your name was Nick could yo say positive things about it. If your name was Charles, Andy, Simon, Bob amongst others then at best it was neutral comments ;-)

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