Office 2007 SP1 due next week

Mary Jo Foley has the scoop here. Tue 11th Dec apparently

I’m not sure there is anything available officially about its contents. I think all the beta testers are still under NDA. And I’m not sure its been on that broad a beta either.

Performance, security and reliability were mentioned. (That doesnt sound like they fixed then UI then. SP2 maybe?)

I also read that MS sold 70 million Office licences (all versions) in YE 2007. Anyone know the version breakdown?

I plan to do some performance testing once SP1 has settled as I am keen to see the benefits of multithreaded calc. Although my crappy laptop (core duo) is reporting as one processor. I have my eye on a quad core box from Santa (let hope its not hankies and socks again then eh?)

Am I right in thinking VPC (and VMware presumably) use the physical processor?




8 Responses to “Office 2007 SP1 due next week”

  1. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    It’s good to know that the SP-1 will soon be available. The same can also be said for Vista’s SP-1. I assume it will increase the sales as most company wait until SP-1 is out. In the old days we gracefully avoided all versions with the 0 in its version number, like 5.0 etc as we know they contained a lot of bugs.

    I’m not sure that I fully understand the question about processors? When duo core processor is available vmWare offer the options to choose one or both processors when running a vmWare config.

    Charles (Williams) had a calculation test file (for the UK conference) available that may be of interest here.

    Kind regards,

  2. Marcus Says:

    Completely OT

    Hi Simon,

    Looks like you’ve back a solid philly with the ASUS:

    Sorry I missed out on the conference. Had my ticket but something came up.

    Regards – Marcus

  3. Simon Says:

    Yeah Sorry we didn’t meet up – I’ll give you a shout next time I’m in London. You missed a great event.

    The Asus Eee is deffo a winner, pretty much sold out everywhere over here too.

    Rumours are Toys-R-us has them in stock currently for anyone desperately searching (in the UK)

  4. Johan Nordberg Says:

    I just read that the VSTO runtime and .Net framework 3.5 will be shipped with Office 2007 SP1. Good news for the VSTO community!

    // Johan

  5. Simon Says:

    Sounds like excellent news, do you have a reference or a link?

  6. Johan Nordberg Says:

    It was in a swedish feed called PC feber. But now when I looked at their source in more details, I fear that they might have misinterpreted it. Anyway, here the origin.


  7. Simon Says:

    Thanks Johan, it looks more like ‘support’ rather than actually distributing the thing – time will tell though.

  8. tfsjohan Says:

    Yeah, I read the white paper and it said nothing about VSTO or .net framework. Too bad. If Microsoft would like to get more VSTO solutions out in the wild, distrubuting VSTO Runtime thru Microsoft Update would really help.

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