Office 2007 Service Pack 1

Service Pack 1 for the 2007 Microsoft Office System is available.

I found the link

its here

The published date says 8th Dec but I had a ratch around the other day and couldn’t find it.

Its 200 Megs

The link to the MSDN doco is not working, I suspect its not been properly published yet.

I’ve read suggestions that its not that big of a change, a bit more performance here, a bit less crashing there. (No mention of a grown-ups UI)

Let us know what you find below, I’ll post back when I get it installed.



4 Responses to “Office 2007 Service Pack 1”

  1. Stephane Rodriguez Says:

    Good news.

    – no changes in the file format (new, compatibility mode)
    – no notable change in speed
    – a few chart formatting bugs fixed
    – a few chart formatting regressions introduced (that was expected, the chart engine is a mess).

  2. Jon Peltier Says:

    “(No mention of a grown-ups UI)”

    Now Simon, we’ve been over this. The ribbon is here to stay, MS built no classic interface in the original RTM, and there’s no way they have resources to undertake a massive reconstruction to retrofit a classic UI, not if they only made minor little tweaks here and there. The whitepaper only listed about five or six items for Excel. Shoot, that little effort wouldn’t get you half of the old Standard toolbar.

  3. RuggedSi Says:

    Release Notes here

  4. Simon Says:

    Well I downloaded it, but havent got around to installing it yet (I only tinker with 2007 – it unusable for actual work).

    I have to say the online comments on SP1 are pretty underwhelming.
    I wasn’t honestly expecting them to fix the UI, but I did think performance would be improved, not so seemingly. It sounds like they cut something major to get it out the door early (Classic mode??)

    I guess SP1 is becoming like the old V x.0 release, in the same way that recent V x.0 stuff is more like a beta.

    I guess we should all be considering avoiding products till SP2, at least until software vendors get wise. Its like an arms race.

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