Conference feedback

Just posted a brief note about the feedback from the conf here.

Basically it was very good.

In the end we just handed out paper forms although I had intended to set up a mini web site so people could do it on-line during the event. (That idea got a slap from Mrs Smurf – nice of her then to (volunteer to) input all the paper forms into the feedback spreadsheet.)

I had an elaborate plan (plan might be too strong a word) to set up a little wireless network and a simple page or 2 people could browse to and submit to a server running on my laptop. And then I was going to leave a couple of laptops around for people to use to submit. Maybe next year.

I had assumed that wireless internet access would be exorbitant at the hotel, and was not disappointed – I can’t remember the pounds cost, just the ‘what a rip off’ response.

One day some of these providers might realise (like pubs and coffee shops already have) that the marginal cost of providing the service is minimal, so why not give it away as a goodwill gesture? When you are being charged more for 15 minutes than you pay for a month at home is hard not to feel like you are getting shafted. [/rant!]

Anyway next year bring your lapper and we’ll get some sort of intranet going, maybe to download the conference resources immediately. (Might even be able to persuade Mrs S (a Web designer FFS) to build a nice site)



One Response to “Conference feedback”

  1. martin rushton Says:

    To be fair I think it was Cambridge rather than the Crowne plaza that the “cloud” was operating in and though 3.99 for the first 30 etc was exhorbitant……….

    The majority of my to/and from the conference was on GNER who in standard class had an identical pricing strategy. GNER from 9th December were replaced by the National Express East Coast who seem to agree with your strategy of providing free wifi on the trains

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