Office 2008 RTMS

The latest version of Office for Macs RTMd (last week actually).

Did anyone else not really notice?

4 Responses to “Office 2008 RTMS”

  1. Matthew Henson Says:

    I noticed, but it’s a non-event for me beacuse there is no VBA in the new version (resource issues). The VBA in Excel 2004 was weak – I had to quit updating the Mac capabilities of Jan Karel pieterse’s Name Manager because of limitations in what can be done in Mac VBA – but there is a long way between weak and missing.

    The new Office is expected to have better Applescript support – though that language is quirky. It’s a load more work to add a userform-equivalent using Applescript Studio than it is in VBA, though my perceptions are skewed by better knowledge of VBA. As with VBA, programmers will want to learn about the underlying Mac frameworks just as they currently use Windows API calls as needed.

    I won’t buy Office 2008 any time soon because of the loss of cross-platform compatibility: if I did I would need to invest a lot of work learning new skills.

  2. Jon Peltier Says:

    “Office for Macs”

    What’s that?

  3. Harlan Grove Says:

    Curios: anyone have a reasonable idea of the number of Mac Office users vs Mac users running Windows Office in Windows vms?

  4. Simon Says:

    no idea but I imagine the latter will be increasing in the future
    Thanks for the insight Matthew
    Jon – yep that about covers it.

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