New phrase – greenwashing

Like a whitewash but related to dubious environmental values. see here

This was big in 2007 and getting bigger in 2008.

Spreadsheet angle? where do you think they calculate all their bogus figures?

Classic example – light bulbs. the old ones were simple to make and dispose of and inert. The new energy efficient ones require far more resources to make and contain poison, although they do use less electricity. You cant just sling them in the bin, you have to drive to a special disposal site.

Oh and in many places they will become obligatory over the next few years.

I have my eye on a few ‘initiatives’ where I would like to get hold of the justifying analysis and give it a reality makeover. what about you?



5 Responses to “New phrase – greenwashing”

  1. Ross Says:

    Carbon foot printing is at best 50% guess work and at worst 90%. This sounds rubbish, but infact it’s just the way it is, thats to say it’s very hard to be more accurate.
    Having said that, accuarcy a very diffrent issue to outright fibbing!

  2. Harlan Grove Says:

    Be fair. While fluorescent light bulbs are problematic, there are a lot of people who use 75 watt bulbs in hallways that could get by using 40 watt bulbs. Not every room in a house needs enough light to be able to read 6 point type.

    Still, better heat insulation and double paned windows would likely save more energy than fluorescent bulbs. Then there are light fixtures that take special bulbs, like the one over our dining table which takes many small candle flame-shaped bulbs. Guess I’ll be taking periodic trips to Mexico to smuggle back replacement bulbs in a few years. You Europeans going to need to go to North Africa for yours, or will the Isle of Man be able to trade in incandescent bulbs?

    I wonder how much energy the ribbon saves?

  3. Lord Says:

    Yes, but would you rather have that mercury in its own container or spread throughout the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels?

  4. Simon Says:

    I believe mouse clicker makers, and mouse wheel makers are having their best trading periods ever thanks to the ribbon. As are vendors of RSI ‘cures’.

    Lord all that shit is still in the atmosphere because of the effort in making these bulbs, and the effort in taking them to the tip, its just now I have lots of poison in the house too. And it not an idle concern – our kids have broken lightbulbs before playing lounge football and cricket.

  5. Harlan Grove Says:

    Indoor cricket?

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